Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Been a few months since I've posted regularly in this blog.  Slowly making my way back to it, and plan to post up about weekly now that it is summer.  If life permits, I'll be back at it regularly once the weather starts get more interesting come fall.  A La Nina is brewing, as I am sure you heard.  If memory serves me right, 10/11 was such, following a weak El Nino.  That was a very big winter.  Anyway, today it is foggy.  It has been so for a week now it seems.  Sure, there has been sun, and such, at times, but coolness pervades.  And this morning, there was drizzle.  Pretty cool.

Once is Enough, back in March.  Things filled in nicely this year.

This chilly, damp weather is to continue through the work week.  If you have things you want kept dry, bring them inside.  The next few mornings will be wet from overnight drizzle.  Afternoons are fair, with some sun, and light winds.  By the end of the work week, winds shift more NW, and stronger.  Mornings will remain on the grey side, but be at least dryer.  By then a few southerly swells will start arriving.  Nothing like that last run that many of ya all enjoyed, but filling in from the low in swell mid week.  One is from a tropical system, and two are the southern hemisphere.  All added up, we could be seeing head high around town.  Good summer fun.

Daytime highs will lift into the 70s over the weekend, and more sun arrives for next work week.  I'll follow up with a report before then.  In the meantime, welcome to July.