Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the (not so) Ugly.

Well, we did get ourselves a bit of rain on Monday.  That was no passing shower, but a full fledge small winter storm that passed through.  High pressure filled in quickly behind it, ramping up the onshore gradient and bringing some cooler weather.  What was low 70s before the storm, is now sitting at mid 60s.  The good news is that those winds continue to blow, hardest in the afternoon, and keep the marine layer at bay.  Beautiful, crisp, sunny mornings are the name of the game through this weekend.  And the good news is a slow warming trend should bring us back into the low 70s by Monday.  Alas, we may see the sea breeze diminish and the return to morning fog.  But the afternoons will be that much better.  No gloom is currently in sight.  Sun is the name of the game this mid June.  Glorious.

The North Pacific remains very active for this time of year.  Storms are in the Gulf, and another one looks to wind up north of Hawaii over the weekend.  Rain storms continue to pound Portland and points north.  Serious snow at elevation.  While we got a good 12 hours of rain on Monday, they have had days.  And it is not relenting.  Another strong wave is moving through up there right now.  No drought concern right there.  So if you enjoy the thought of summer skiing, go climb a volcano, or ride the Palmer snow field if you're too lazy to hike.  The California Cascades have been riding well, and there is still plenty of snow on them.  Shasta seems to have improved with this last period of snow and wind.  Hard to say, as that wind is still blowing up there.  In Tahoe, there is still some patch skiing.  It is a dry hike out to Roundtop, but plenty of snow still out on its shoulder and over by the Sisters.  Basically, it is patch skiing season.

If you have not planted your tomatoes, then you may just as well call it off for this season.  If you do have them in the ground, you have got to be pretty stoked with this weather.  We have only had a few days of gloom so far this season, and many days of full, or almost full sun.  Things should be going well.  But stay on top of the weather.  If it looks like you may be entering a foggy period, go out and buy some copper spray to protect your plants.  Keep the blight away, otherwise, all that awesome growth they are experiencing now, will be for aught if they get take down.  In other plant news, it is entering harvesting season for garlic.  That stuff will be potent, and we are lucky enough to still be at this home and pulling our heads the day we move out.  Remember to water your gardens.  Long days of sun, or hot days, require more.  In cool and foggy weather you want to be sure not to over water and invite fungus and mold into your garden.  This week looks good for starting more seedlings, just hard to say what you would want to start out.  Maybe something with a fall harvest that is not too tender.

In the water, small south swells continue to give fun sized waves.  Things have been dropping since Saturday, but we should see an uptick in the NW wind swell and a few moderate, spotty, long period S swells arrive through the weekend.  Also by the weekend, we see the chance for morning fog and lighter winds along the open coast.  But get on it early, as that gradient will be kicking up in the late morning.

In short, fair weather for the coming week.  Morning fog forming over the weekend.  Increasing warming temperatures through the start of next week.  The important thing is - not June Gloom.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The gloom has a chance of rain.

Foggy mornings and warm, breezy afternoons.  About 70 degrees in the warmer locations along the coast.  A bit less where exposed to the wind.  This trend should continue, with afternoon winds increasing through the weekend.  the big news is a late season short wave moving through to our north to start off next week.  Those poor folks in the PNW have just been hammered this winter.  We will see a bit of cooling, but not much in Santa Cruz or along the coast.  Cooling will be much more pronounced in the inland valley and at elevation.  For example, at 8000 feet today, it could reach 75.  By Tuesday, the high temperature could be 25 degrees cooler.  And overnight there will be freezing temperatures.

There is a good chance of some more snow for the Tahoe area early next week.  Nothing too exciting.  A few inches.  Maybe more right along the crest.  The volcanoes (Lassen and Shasta) should see more.  Hopefully they get a nice refresh, as the snow on Shasta went from excellent corn to wind screwed chicken heads.  Santa Cruz and Monterey could see some showers late Monday and early Tuesday, but chances are pretty slim.  Likelihood increases as you head north.  After Tuesday, we should see a return to the regularly scheduled programming.  Foggy mornings and clear afternoons.  Will update as time permits.  Right now we are moving, so things are a bit crazy in these parts.