Saturday, May 31, 2014

Not quite...

So, the weather this coming week, is not quite full on June Gloom, and the weather is not quite stagnant.  But almost.  Today was pretty breezy out there in the afternoon.  It does not look quite that windy for the rest of the week ahead.  But we do stay with the north westerly flow, so winds should pick up a bit in the afternoons, and will likely blow the fog out sooner or later.  Depending on when and how the fog does burn off the high temp in town will range from about 70F to 75F.  Right out near the water's edge, I doubt it will climb out of the 60s.  Overnight lows will climb out of the upper 40s over the next few nights into the low 50s for the middle of next week.  So the air mass is warming.  But, yeah, that fog will dictate how warm the days get.  The gradient could shift north for later in the week, so we could see the marine layer clear.  Time will tell.

Been a while since we have seen sun and surf like this.  Patience.  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going grey.

Today was the last in the run of the current weather pattern.  I love that sunshine.  So do the plants.  Things will take a turn toward the grey starting tomorrow.  The marine layer which has been held to the immediate coastline the past few days will push inland over the coastal plateau later tonight.  I can still see the stars right now.  It won't take too long to clear that fog out Friday, except down by the water.  Pretty much sunny out everywhere by noon, and north west breezes kicking up.   High temps will drop down below 75F.  Saturday looks a bit cooler, with fog reaching further inland, and lingering longer.  It might get interesting by Sunday.

Not a whole lot of mornings like this coming our way.

What is fueling the fog is a shift in the locale of the gradient between the high pressure that is set up to our north and west, and the low pressure that is set up to our east.    The winds were fairly northerly the last few days, and town here was pretty protected.  And that wind direction blows out the fog.  As it shifts more westerly, we begin to get grey mornings and windy afternoons.  But when things shift further, we get well south of the gradient, and sometimes get into an eddy flow.  The winds are south westerly.  And usually not too strong.  They pump in fog that can last all day.  That might happen to us on Sunday.  The good news is that this weather also pushed in warm water from the south.  That can be nice.  Monday also has a chance to be like this, but it looks like the winds will blow it out in the afternoon, as the gradient begins to shift south again.  More on this as we get closer.  For now, expect some grey mornings, and maybe a grey afternoon or two.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pleasant few days; chance of fog for the weekend.

The kind of weather we are getting right now is really about as nice as we can expect for late May.  North winds are hammering the direct open coast, and outer ocean waters.  Wind gust in excess of 30 knots were reported on the Monterey buoy.  With the direction fairly northerly, instead of westerly, two positive things occur.  First, the marine layer is kept to the immediate coast, making very little head way into town.  So, for most of us, we get to enjoy the beautiful sunrise.  This also allows solar warming to begin at six in the morning instead of two in the afternoon.  So we warm up nicely.  Secondly, the strong winds are not getting as far into town, so we have less wind cooling.  All in all, it makes for some nice weather.  Not the super hot, off shore kind of weather that I love so much and drives me right to the beach.  More of the, "wow, it is really nice out," kind of weather.  Perfect for play or work.

Shore Break.  

Low 80s today, and a bit cooler on Thursday.  Plenty of sunshine.  Marine layer gets a little more of a foot hold on Friday, as the winds shift more westerly.  Still not expecting a super socked in condition.  High temps stay in the low 70s.  By the weekend, the fog becomes more entrenched.  A few days ago, the models suggested a bit of June Gloom weather, where we get light south west flow and the fog lingers until 4:30, and fills back in by 4:45.  That is now off the charts, and the more regular NW breeze condition looks to be in play.  So, fog clears by 11AM or so, and highs will be in the low 70s.  We might return to more of north wind condition next week, so it could look similiar to the past few days.  Basically, it will be spring like the next week.

And that typically means winter is on its way out.  No water producing storms of significance of the 16 day GFS model, and doubtful that will change.  That said, it is not out of the question to get rain in June.  We can only hope.  May turned out to be a fairly wet month in the north and the mountains.  All that late season snow at high elevations has kept the ski touring in really nice shape.  Levitt Peak off Sonora Pass and peaks near Tioga Pass were still holding powder last Thursday.  But basically, winter is done.  If you do head out into the snow, dress light and wear plenty of sun block.  At least it is something to do while we wait for the summer souths swells to start showing up.

With the chance for additional water dwindling, the drought is well entrenched with all of the state in D2 or greater condition.  A quarter of the state is in exceptional (D4) drought.  That includes our region.  Please continue to monitor your water usage and reduce where you can.  The SCMU is passing out free low flow show heads.  That is a good start.  Save water.  We will be needing it.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Not a bad few ahead.

Just a super quick post tonight to say the next few days look pleasant enough if you can stay out of the breeze.  Warm.  Upper 70s and low 80s.  Brisk afternoon sea breeze.  So, areas prone to wind will be quite a bit cooler.  Areas protected from the wind will be quite nice.  And due to lack of strong marine layer, we should be watching the sun rise the next few days and enjoying pleasant mornings.  Not quite run to the beach weather, but nice enough for a stroll on the sand.  More later.  And thanks to those of you who have served.

Local birds at work and play.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


A little bit of blue is starting to peel out over the water, on the westside and maybe downtown.  At 2:32 in the afternoon this is starting to happen.  The fog bank is well out over the water, but upper level grey is just now starting to dissipate.  Who knows how far it will get today.  We still have over five hour till sunset, so there is that.  But it also feels cool and breezy when out of the sun.  Like at my house where the sky is still grey, despite a sun that is burning to break through.  So, we are talking about fewer than five hours of direct sunlight.  You may want to keep an eye on those tomato plants if they are in the ground, especially if they are adolescents and well filled out.  The sickness likes to grow in the folds in weather like this.  Luckily, it does look like we will get a bit of a break, and improvement, for the holiday weekend ahead.

So you want to be a life guard?  Better starting working hard.  These guys were out there in March.

NWS has a high of 73F forecast for today.  It is still quite a bit cooler than that now.  Maybe that sun will do some magic in the next hour and get us heating up.  That said, tomorrow should be warmer, but still some copious fog.  Saturday does not start off much better, but we could see the fog pull out early, and parts of town reaching 80F.  What happens here is that another storm is going to be driving into the coast at the US/CA border.  Sorry friends living from Portland north.  They get rain, while we get a warm air pump.  That pump will also break down the gradient that drives one version of the fog machine.  Sunny, lighter winds, and quite warm on Sunday (okay, I'm not ruling out the chance for morning fog, cause it is May after all and look at this last week).  It is not going to be one of those hot off shore breeze days, but the mornings should have light variable winds, turning on shore and light to moderate in the afternoon.  Maybe beach it in town to get the most bang for the buck.  Tide will be low around 2:30PM at just under a foot and a half.  Should be plenty of san to bathe on.

A touch cooler, but maybe a clearer start to the day, on Monday.  Right now it looks like the wind machine will be setting back up by afternoon as the storm kicks east toward the northern rockies.  It does not look like the state will get any rain from this one.  Oh, well.  More spring grey summer transition stuff on the horizon, with maybe an eddy flow developing for the first weekend in June.  That could mean calm, to light south breezes bringing north warmer water, and deep, heavy, moist fog.  More on that long term stuff later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ouch. Missed that one.

I looked out the window this morning and tried to convince myself it was not fog I was seeing.  You know, just some lingering cloud cover from the storm earlier this week.  You could barely tell here in town.  Although, it did feel kind of like a winter's day.  My buddies work site up past Boulder Creek got rained out on Tuesday.  A foot or more of snow fell in parts around Tahoe since Monday morning.  And somehow, this storm moved about us, and bring in some fog.  Bummer.  We will still see a warming trend this week, but morning grey and afternoon breezes will return.  Maybe some sunnier weather in the low 80s for the weekend.  Not quite what I was seeing earlier this week.  At least we got some water out of the whole deal.  That extra late season snow in the mountains will help out a tiny bit for sure.  Kind of.

Can you tell I liked this subject?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday mornings news flash.

Only because it is brief.  Confidence builds for showers in the north portions of the state, and south through the Sierra Nevada.  And some very light rain possible in the southern portions of the state.  We stay dry.  So expect D4 drought to continue.  It is possible that along the Sierra Crest, south of Lake Tahoe, areas could see greater than an inch of precipitation by Thursday.  Most areas in the north will be about a quarter of an inch.  Traces in the south.  Yet we stay dry.  Clouds out there today.  And a marine layer can be seen over the water.  Should be another breezy one, as this "storm" moves in.  Warming weather still expected after mid week.  Sun in the prospect.

I took a bunch of shots of him.  He was mellow, and the lighting was nice.  

Oh, the news flash part.  Showers should begin tonight in portions of the state.  Strongest Tuesday afternoon.  Most of the moisture pushes east Wednesday, except perhaps the southern Sierra.  Clear and warming Thursday.  So, it is moving in a bit earlier that projected.  Yay, rain!  At least some where.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another wet one for the PNW. Fog dissipates.

Just a quick up date today.  I'll get more details on the hope of another warming trend for later.  For now, another small storm system begins impacting the PNW today, having a pleasant effect on our weather.  Fog machine will turn off for a few days, as the local high pressure deals with this incursion form the north.  Our local gradient will lighten as well, and by Wednesday, while still in an on shore flow, it will be much calmer.  Here is the daily run.  Today I did not get up until 9:30.  Hey, I was feeling a little under the weather.  Anyway, there was no fog by then.  And with this storm pushing into the coast to our north, we should be mostly fog free to start out the week.  That is not to say we won't have some clouds.  We will.  They will filters south from the low pressure system.  As will cooler air.  Today mid 70s, but we will be just about 70F for Monday and Tuesday, and then perhaps a modest warming trend.

More swan.

Nothing like this past week, so don't go our shopping for more shorts.  Instead, we will be mild through the rest of the week.  A bit of moisture could invade portions of the state, but it looks like we will be totally missed here in Santa Cruz.  Instead Wednesday moves through the lower 70s, while the northern portion of the state and the Sierra Nevada get light rain and snow.  They may even get a sprinkle down south.  Kind of funny how these things happen.  Anyhow, mid 70s on Thursday with light NW breezes.  80F on Friday.  During the period, we will see more and more sun, with some overnight cloud cover.  A marine layer tries to develop, but it may be held at bay.  Low 80s as we move into the weekend.

I'll want to take a closer look at this storm by the end of day Monday, but right now, this thing looks like it will move all around us, keeping things pleasant here in Santa Cruz.  Too bad.  We could really use any rain.  So, maybe, if we keep those fingers crossed.  If any, it looks like late Tuesday or Wednesday.  You can only hope.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Better let you know the fog is coming. Maybe a small taste tomorrow.

No, not the June Gloom sort of thing, but a whole lot different than it has been lately.  Hot.  Seriously.  Now, it has been super nice at the beaches.  We were at Scott's Creek around 1PM, as a little bit of on shore breeze picked up, and it was 76F out.  As we drove into town, the Farmer's Market was 88F, and by 2PM, West Cliff was 83F.  By comparison, I way parked near Bay and Mission today, and at 12:45, we were measuring 92F.  West Cliff was quite a bit cooler.  About 80F.  At 4:15, we measured 97F up along Escalona. Oh, and Waddell Beach was 67F, at 10:45 in the morning.  So, today might have been even warmer.  Who knows?  Lovely weather to get down to the water.  A bit hot for working in the yard.  That is all going to change, starting tomorrow.

Red Cliffs under the light of the moon.

I can't see any evidence of it now, but NOAA is calling for a marine layer approaching later tonight.  When the sun was still up, I could see a haze on the horizon, but that has been there for days.  It did look darker today.  And the winds came up a bit more.  Anyway, we could see patchy coastal early morning fog on Friday.  It should be gone early, as the heat is still in place.  But warm, not hot.  About 80F.  Then the fog becomes progressively more dominant.  Saturday will likely begin grey, and cool.  Not cool like the past few mornings of awesome.  You know.  More like summer.  That should lift late morning.  Oh, and the north west sea breeze machine turns back on Friday, really developing by the weekend.  Not super windy by spring time standards, but a good 15 to 20 knots out on the open water.  Enough to filter here into town and help cool us off.  Saturday in the mid 70s, Sunday in the low.  Cooler on Monday.  Things might change for Tuesday.  A small, late season front moves onshore to our north then.  Some rain expected for the very far north of the state.  Maybe some snow for Shasta and Lassen.  Could turn off the fog for a few days.  Maybe even lighten the on shores in the morning, allowing for us to heat back up through the 70s during the rest of the work week.  Not hot, just nice and warm.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


As the heat wave clobbers inland portions of the state, perfect beach weather comes to the coast.  With very few waves for surfing.  If you have been reading, you may have noticed the lack of mention of surf.  That is because, by most standards, there has not been much out there.  Small, and/or, windy, and/or weak and/or steeply angled.  Well, this week, morning off shores have been grooming the coastline, with small, steep and weak surf.  Things might pick up a little bit today, and somewhere on the central coast should be fun at some time today.  A new, wider angled, slightly bigger south should be filling in.  Afternoon low tide looks like it could be pretty fun.  Get some if you can, cause there is not a whole bunch on the horizon.  The NPAC seems to have shut its doors for the season.  There is still some activity in the jet, but nothing showing that could develop a significant swell.  The SPAC is just turning on, sending most of its swell east toward South and Central America.  Only side band dribbles making there way up here.  Slowly, storms are to begin pointing toward us and becoming less zonal.  At least that is what the mid term forecast is.  And even once that happens, the swell will be still ten days out.  Maybe it is time I fix that bike tube and go out and ride a bit.  It has been a year after all.

I miss the late afternoon, after a spring storm, in the snow.  Red Cliffs.

Forecast remains solid.  90s today, 80s tomorrow, 70s Friday.  Fog returns for Saturday.  Then we will be doing the whole 72/50 thing for a while with grey mornings, and sunny, breezy afternoons.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Riding High.

The bubble is building.  Sunday was unexpectedly warm.  Monday was nice.  Two beach days in a row has this family pretty stoked right now.  Today will be another, but we are headed off to school.  Oh well.  We like it there too.  Upper 80s in town and low 80s at the beach.  Up the coast it could be a bit cooler, but still expect upper 70s along the ocean.  Light winds prevail, with a slight onshore push this afternoon.  Gorgeous.  Get it while it is good, as the foggy weather will return for the weekend.

Thimble Peak.  Snow is melting fast up there.  

Not a whole lot of changes to the forecast this morning.  A peak of warmth on Wednesday, when it may top 90F in town.  Hell, it is already 88F out there right now around 1PM.  And the beaches up the coast will be in prime shape.  If you ever fantasize about having beach weather at one of the spots between Santa Cruz and the city, tomorrow is your day.  Tide will fill into to just about four feet just before noon.  That is low enough that some of the more adventurous spots will still be accessible.  I know where we will be going.  By Thursday, onshore flow begins to turn on again.  Still warm, but in the mid 80s.  Friday will be in the upper 70s.  By Saturday, the marine layer returns.  Boo.  Fog in the mornings until about 10AM.  And we return to the more typical low of 50F and a high in the low 70s.  The sea breeze will also pick up again for the afternoons.  That looks like the trend for next week.  Some chance for afternoon thunder showers, but that to happen mostly in the interior mountains.  More on that if it develops.  For now, get out and enjoy the coastal warmth.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Another beach week brewing.

Not a whole lot of change to the forecast.  Models keep trending warmer, or hotter, for the middle of next week.  The central valley will be toasty and likely topping 100F in places.  It won't be much cooler at the coast, with Santa Cruz projected reaching 93F on Wednesday by the NWS.  That would be nice.  Good growing weather.  Overnight low on Wednesday night could stay as warm as 60F.  That is like almost perfect weather in my book.  Nice to get that for a day.  Beaches should be real nice Tuesday through Thursday, and still pretty nice on Monday and Friday.  All in all, a nice beach week is forming.
Something to help cool you down next week.  Thunder Mountain's south face and Silver Lake.

Pretty windy out there today.  A little less so tomorrow.  Then by Monday, we start to see the on shore breezes mellow out.  Maybe even some morning off shores.  Wednesday could be off shore to slack.  That is, in part, why the coast will no be much cooler than the inland empire.  A more typical spring/summer pattern should develop for the weekend and into next week.  There is a slight chance of pulling in some monsoonal type moisture for the middle of next week.  Maybe showers on the coast and thunderstorms in the mountains.  Could be interesting.  More on that and fine tuning the coming week later.  By the way, high tide on Wednesday (in case you are planning a beach adventure) will be just a few minutes before noon and maybe an inch shy of four feet.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Inept, or just lazy?

I mean, it rained last night.  I could have taken another look at the models, or the radar as the went on.  I saw the increasing clouds.  And then I thought I watched the fog develop and move in.  Turns out, it was a bit more than fog.  Just a very light sprinkle here on the west side of town, just around night fall.  I think we got a little less than a tenth of an inch.  Locations in the Santa Cruz Mountains go upwards of two tenths.  So, just a light rain.  Rain, none the less.  My garden enjoyed it.  I'm just bummed I missed this one.  Not that a whole lot of people are running sprinklers or drip systems right now, but you could have turned yours off for the night, had you known, and saved a bit of water.  Every drop counts.  Fix those leaks if you have them.  And if you live in the city, you are going to be charged extra for every drop over 10CCF.  Anyway, trending toward awesome again.

Contemplation.  Natural Bridges.  Santa Cruz.

Breezy, and warmer today.  Still a few lingering clouds along the mountains.  It was pretty epic cloud formation out there this morning.  Felt very east coast after a thunderstorm kind of way.  The warm May air evaporated a look of surface water and made for some awesome puffy cloud formation.  Strong winds out on the ocean.  Not a whole lot of great surfing out there right now.  Bike trails are in good shape.  Saturday looks similiar.  By Sunday, the onshore winds will begin to lighten up, and the daytime temps will begin to rise.  Upper 70s on Sunday.  80s to start next week.  Overnight lows will also shift up into the 50s.  Monday we will likely see a slack wind begin to develop.  Still some light afternoon onshore, but by Tuesday that could cease.  By then we will be squarely in the mid 80s.  Going to be a stellar day.  Even warmer on Wednesday.  This should be the peak.  Not quite 90F here in town, but toasty.  Beaches will be almost as warm, with little breeze.  Thursday will still be warm, in the low 80s.  Might see that sea breeze begin to pick up again in the afternoon.  Back in the upper 70s to end the work week.  Models suggesting increasing sea breezes with a chance of fog machine for the weekend.  Time will tell.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Once the jet stream stops pointing at us, and we move out of the wet season and into the dry season, a big part of what determines our weather is where the local high and low pressure centers set up.  When we get the high pressure squarely on top of us, we are sunny and warm.  When that high pressure is to our northwest and low pressure settles to our southeast, we are cool and foggy.  Basically.  And what we have looking forward into the next week is a whole bunch of rearrangement going on.  The good news is we are trending toward that first solution of sun and warmth.  An storm moves through to our north maybe providing the northern third of the state with light showers.  Slim chances for a drizzle this far south, but will continue with the upper level clouds and chill.  Northwest onshore breezes will be lighter today, but will come back up Friday and through the weekend as the high pressure settles into place.

The Wall @ Kirkwood, in clouds, after the storm.  The lifts may be closed, but there will be snow all month.

And where that place ends up being will determine the forecast.  Things warm back up into the seventies starting tomorrow.  Fog likely will not be an issue.  Some cloud formation could occur overnight, but the days look sunny.  And breezy.  Kind of like how it has been most of this month.  Spring, eh?  But here is the good news.  It will slowly warm through the weekend, steadily moving up through the seventies.  Current runs suggest that by Monday, the winds will back off, and the high pressure will pump up upon us.  If this is correct, it will be warm again.  Not quite as hot as the last spell about a week ago, but warm none the less.  Light winds the first half of next week, with highs pushing into the 80s.  Mid to upper 80s for next Wednesday.  Let's hope this holds.  As I said, it all depends on where these pressure systems settle.  Its not like they are getting a whole lot of guidance from an active jet stream.

Long term there is some suggestion of undercutting late in the month.  If moisture is available, that would suggest rain.  Not really thinking this will occur at this point, but worth mentioning, as we have been known to get moderate showers well into June.  In so many ways I hope for this to happen.  A little natural irrigation would go a long way this year.  And it aways helps keep that summer dust down a little longer.  For now, expect improving weather, with a chance for some real stellar days next week.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No big change.

Forecast models have not changed a whole bunch overnight.  Light snow has already begun to fall around Lake Tahoe giving the ski touring crowd a nice surface refresh.  The rest of the state is staying pretty dry.  Maybe some showers on the west slope of Shasta.  Not a whole lot of water involved, so it is basically negligible when considering the drought.  The passage of this system has sped up a bit and most places will be seeing sunshine on Tuesday.  Here in Santa Cruz, we are basically hitting a high of just under 70F, and a low about 50F for the week.  NWS is calling for a slight chance of rain Thursday, but I'm thinking any moisture will stay north of Marin.  Maybe a dusting in the Sierra again.

Sneaking a peak at Round Top, near Kirkwood.

Then things get nice.  Friday we move back into the mid 70s, with us well into the 80s by Monday.  As long as the models stay on this track.  I'm not seeing the summer time fog on the radar yet, so that is always a good things as we move through May.  It is nice for us who garden to get as much sunshine on our seedlings as possible. Once the fog moves in, things really slow down.  For now, it looks like a nice weekend on tap with even nicer start to next week.  Perhaps a beach day is to be planned.

Monday, May 5, 2014


I think we will be dry through the entire week, but folks to our north may start seeing rain as early as this afternoon.  We have two storms to consider this week.  The first has already begun to push south, and has beefed up our fog this morning.  Today will be a bit cooler still. Highs stay in the upper 60s. Quite a bit cooler than last Wednesday.  Hell, it is quite a bit cooler than even yesterday.  NWS is calling for a slight chance of showers tonight.  Nothing could make me happier, but it does look like we will not see any rain this far south.  Showers will spread across the northern third of the state and into the Sierra. By Wednesday the coast and valley should clear out, but showers linger in the mountains as far south as Mammoth Lakes.  Nothing much, but still something.

Heart Chute looking more lovely to look at than ski.  Kirkwood, CA.

Here in Santa Cruz, Tuesday should look like Monday.  Then we begin a clearing and warming trend.  Fog may again be put on the back burner, creating great planting weather for your summer gardens.  We are already into May, so you will want to get some of your longer period crops, such as tomatoes, into the ground this month.  By Friday, we could warm back up into the mid to upper 70s.  As of now, the weekend looks to be very nice with high temps pushing up towards 80F.

Before I finish up for today, I just want to note that a second storm moves through just to our north late on Thursday and early Friday morning.  Right now guidance keeps us dry and my gut tells me that is correct.  Still, I'll keep an eye on this one.  Currently the forecast actually is good for minimal fog, warming temps and light southerly flow.  A shift of a hundred miles could totally change the forecast, which could mean rain or thick fog, depending on how it pans out.  

Friday, May 2, 2014

Get it while it is good.

Cooler today, but still a winner.  Cooler for the weekend, but, hey, those days will not be losers.  Actually, pretty epic spring weather is on tap.  Some weather may pass through next week, but likely we will just feel the cooler air temperatures.  But it won't be cold.  And we could see a rebound by late in the week.  Overall, winter rains have yet to cease being a topic of discussion, but don't go expecting much, if any, more water in this neck of the woods.  Water restrictions started yesterday for those of you getting water from SCMU.  No more than 10 CCF a month for a single family dwelling.  That is more than enough for four adults, so if you are having troubles making that mark, take a look at where you can save.  Or you will be spending more money soon.

Moon over Red Cliffs.

Now, for that weather.  Upper 70s right now, and about 82F up on Empire Grade.  We were just hanging out at the Hook and it is a pleasant 69F on the water.  As the high pressure begins to shift, we see a slight chance for developing fog in the early morning hours.  What does form should linger near the water and clear out soon after the sun comes up.  I hope.  Overnight lows about 50F and daytime highs of 72F.  By Monday we see a few degrees drop in temperature, as a storm pushes down onto the PNW.  Right now we don't expect any rain from Marin south, but a lot can happen in a few days.  Maybe an inch or two of snow for Tahoe, offering a nice refresh after a hot week.  And then it looks like we will move into a nice corn cycle with hard overnight freezes and warm days.  But back to the coast.

The coldest day of the week should be Tuesday, but it still looks like it will be in the upper 60s.  Mid 70s by the end of the week as that high pressure fills back in.  Long term models suggest a summer like set up with fog for about mid month.  Still too far out to say for certain.  But right now it is awesome.  Get out and play.  Or plant a garden.  This is great seedling weather.  What ever you do, enjoy that weather right now.  Oh, and enjoy a sunset.  They are still looking pretty nice.