Thursday, May 8, 2014


Once the jet stream stops pointing at us, and we move out of the wet season and into the dry season, a big part of what determines our weather is where the local high and low pressure centers set up.  When we get the high pressure squarely on top of us, we are sunny and warm.  When that high pressure is to our northwest and low pressure settles to our southeast, we are cool and foggy.  Basically.  And what we have looking forward into the next week is a whole bunch of rearrangement going on.  The good news is we are trending toward that first solution of sun and warmth.  An storm moves through to our north maybe providing the northern third of the state with light showers.  Slim chances for a drizzle this far south, but will continue with the upper level clouds and chill.  Northwest onshore breezes will be lighter today, but will come back up Friday and through the weekend as the high pressure settles into place.

The Wall @ Kirkwood, in clouds, after the storm.  The lifts may be closed, but there will be snow all month.

And where that place ends up being will determine the forecast.  Things warm back up into the seventies starting tomorrow.  Fog likely will not be an issue.  Some cloud formation could occur overnight, but the days look sunny.  And breezy.  Kind of like how it has been most of this month.  Spring, eh?  But here is the good news.  It will slowly warm through the weekend, steadily moving up through the seventies.  Current runs suggest that by Monday, the winds will back off, and the high pressure will pump up upon us.  If this is correct, it will be warm again.  Not quite as hot as the last spell about a week ago, but warm none the less.  Light winds the first half of next week, with highs pushing into the 80s.  Mid to upper 80s for next Wednesday.  Let's hope this holds.  As I said, it all depends on where these pressure systems settle.  Its not like they are getting a whole lot of guidance from an active jet stream.

Long term there is some suggestion of undercutting late in the month.  If moisture is available, that would suggest rain.  Not really thinking this will occur at this point, but worth mentioning, as we have been known to get moderate showers well into June.  In so many ways I hope for this to happen.  A little natural irrigation would go a long way this year.  And it aways helps keep that summer dust down a little longer.  For now, expect improving weather, with a chance for some real stellar days next week.

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