Saturday, May 10, 2014

Another beach week brewing.

Not a whole lot of change to the forecast.  Models keep trending warmer, or hotter, for the middle of next week.  The central valley will be toasty and likely topping 100F in places.  It won't be much cooler at the coast, with Santa Cruz projected reaching 93F on Wednesday by the NWS.  That would be nice.  Good growing weather.  Overnight low on Wednesday night could stay as warm as 60F.  That is like almost perfect weather in my book.  Nice to get that for a day.  Beaches should be real nice Tuesday through Thursday, and still pretty nice on Monday and Friday.  All in all, a nice beach week is forming.
Something to help cool you down next week.  Thunder Mountain's south face and Silver Lake.

Pretty windy out there today.  A little less so tomorrow.  Then by Monday, we start to see the on shore breezes mellow out.  Maybe even some morning off shores.  Wednesday could be off shore to slack.  That is, in part, why the coast will no be much cooler than the inland empire.  A more typical spring/summer pattern should develop for the weekend and into next week.  There is a slight chance of pulling in some monsoonal type moisture for the middle of next week.  Maybe showers on the coast and thunderstorms in the mountains.  Could be interesting.  More on that and fine tuning the coming week later.  By the way, high tide on Wednesday (in case you are planning a beach adventure) will be just a few minutes before noon and maybe an inch shy of four feet.

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