Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another wet one for the PNW. Fog dissipates.

Just a quick up date today.  I'll get more details on the hope of another warming trend for later.  For now, another small storm system begins impacting the PNW today, having a pleasant effect on our weather.  Fog machine will turn off for a few days, as the local high pressure deals with this incursion form the north.  Our local gradient will lighten as well, and by Wednesday, while still in an on shore flow, it will be much calmer.  Here is the daily run.  Today I did not get up until 9:30.  Hey, I was feeling a little under the weather.  Anyway, there was no fog by then.  And with this storm pushing into the coast to our north, we should be mostly fog free to start out the week.  That is not to say we won't have some clouds.  We will.  They will filters south from the low pressure system.  As will cooler air.  Today mid 70s, but we will be just about 70F for Monday and Tuesday, and then perhaps a modest warming trend.

More swan.

Nothing like this past week, so don't go our shopping for more shorts.  Instead, we will be mild through the rest of the week.  A bit of moisture could invade portions of the state, but it looks like we will be totally missed here in Santa Cruz.  Instead Wednesday moves through the lower 70s, while the northern portion of the state and the Sierra Nevada get light rain and snow.  They may even get a sprinkle down south.  Kind of funny how these things happen.  Anyhow, mid 70s on Thursday with light NW breezes.  80F on Friday.  During the period, we will see more and more sun, with some overnight cloud cover.  A marine layer tries to develop, but it may be held at bay.  Low 80s as we move into the weekend.

I'll want to take a closer look at this storm by the end of day Monday, but right now, this thing looks like it will move all around us, keeping things pleasant here in Santa Cruz.  Too bad.  We could really use any rain.  So, maybe, if we keep those fingers crossed.  If any, it looks like late Tuesday or Wednesday.  You can only hope.

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