Wednesday, May 14, 2014


As the heat wave clobbers inland portions of the state, perfect beach weather comes to the coast.  With very few waves for surfing.  If you have been reading, you may have noticed the lack of mention of surf.  That is because, by most standards, there has not been much out there.  Small, and/or, windy, and/or weak and/or steeply angled.  Well, this week, morning off shores have been grooming the coastline, with small, steep and weak surf.  Things might pick up a little bit today, and somewhere on the central coast should be fun at some time today.  A new, wider angled, slightly bigger south should be filling in.  Afternoon low tide looks like it could be pretty fun.  Get some if you can, cause there is not a whole bunch on the horizon.  The NPAC seems to have shut its doors for the season.  There is still some activity in the jet, but nothing showing that could develop a significant swell.  The SPAC is just turning on, sending most of its swell east toward South and Central America.  Only side band dribbles making there way up here.  Slowly, storms are to begin pointing toward us and becoming less zonal.  At least that is what the mid term forecast is.  And even once that happens, the swell will be still ten days out.  Maybe it is time I fix that bike tube and go out and ride a bit.  It has been a year after all.

I miss the late afternoon, after a spring storm, in the snow.  Red Cliffs.

Forecast remains solid.  90s today, 80s tomorrow, 70s Friday.  Fog returns for Saturday.  Then we will be doing the whole 72/50 thing for a while with grey mornings, and sunny, breezy afternoons.

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