Thursday, May 15, 2014

Better let you know the fog is coming. Maybe a small taste tomorrow.

No, not the June Gloom sort of thing, but a whole lot different than it has been lately.  Hot.  Seriously.  Now, it has been super nice at the beaches.  We were at Scott's Creek around 1PM, as a little bit of on shore breeze picked up, and it was 76F out.  As we drove into town, the Farmer's Market was 88F, and by 2PM, West Cliff was 83F.  By comparison, I way parked near Bay and Mission today, and at 12:45, we were measuring 92F.  West Cliff was quite a bit cooler.  About 80F.  At 4:15, we measured 97F up along Escalona. Oh, and Waddell Beach was 67F, at 10:45 in the morning.  So, today might have been even warmer.  Who knows?  Lovely weather to get down to the water.  A bit hot for working in the yard.  That is all going to change, starting tomorrow.

Red Cliffs under the light of the moon.

I can't see any evidence of it now, but NOAA is calling for a marine layer approaching later tonight.  When the sun was still up, I could see a haze on the horizon, but that has been there for days.  It did look darker today.  And the winds came up a bit more.  Anyway, we could see patchy coastal early morning fog on Friday.  It should be gone early, as the heat is still in place.  But warm, not hot.  About 80F.  Then the fog becomes progressively more dominant.  Saturday will likely begin grey, and cool.  Not cool like the past few mornings of awesome.  You know.  More like summer.  That should lift late morning.  Oh, and the north west sea breeze machine turns back on Friday, really developing by the weekend.  Not super windy by spring time standards, but a good 15 to 20 knots out on the open water.  Enough to filter here into town and help cool us off.  Saturday in the mid 70s, Sunday in the low.  Cooler on Monday.  Things might change for Tuesday.  A small, late season front moves onshore to our north then.  Some rain expected for the very far north of the state.  Maybe some snow for Shasta and Lassen.  Could turn off the fog for a few days.  Maybe even lighten the on shores in the morning, allowing for us to heat back up through the 70s during the rest of the work week.  Not hot, just nice and warm.

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