Saturday, May 31, 2014

Not quite...

So, the weather this coming week, is not quite full on June Gloom, and the weather is not quite stagnant.  But almost.  Today was pretty breezy out there in the afternoon.  It does not look quite that windy for the rest of the week ahead.  But we do stay with the north westerly flow, so winds should pick up a bit in the afternoons, and will likely blow the fog out sooner or later.  Depending on when and how the fog does burn off the high temp in town will range from about 70F to 75F.  Right out near the water's edge, I doubt it will climb out of the 60s.  Overnight lows will climb out of the upper 40s over the next few nights into the low 50s for the middle of next week.  So the air mass is warming.  But, yeah, that fog will dictate how warm the days get.  The gradient could shift north for later in the week, so we could see the marine layer clear.  Time will tell.

Been a while since we have seen sun and surf like this.  Patience.  

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