Monday, May 5, 2014


I think we will be dry through the entire week, but folks to our north may start seeing rain as early as this afternoon.  We have two storms to consider this week.  The first has already begun to push south, and has beefed up our fog this morning.  Today will be a bit cooler still. Highs stay in the upper 60s. Quite a bit cooler than last Wednesday.  Hell, it is quite a bit cooler than even yesterday.  NWS is calling for a slight chance of showers tonight.  Nothing could make me happier, but it does look like we will not see any rain this far south.  Showers will spread across the northern third of the state and into the Sierra. By Wednesday the coast and valley should clear out, but showers linger in the mountains as far south as Mammoth Lakes.  Nothing much, but still something.

Heart Chute looking more lovely to look at than ski.  Kirkwood, CA.

Here in Santa Cruz, Tuesday should look like Monday.  Then we begin a clearing and warming trend.  Fog may again be put on the back burner, creating great planting weather for your summer gardens.  We are already into May, so you will want to get some of your longer period crops, such as tomatoes, into the ground this month.  By Friday, we could warm back up into the mid to upper 70s.  As of now, the weekend looks to be very nice with high temps pushing up towards 80F.

Before I finish up for today, I just want to note that a second storm moves through just to our north late on Thursday and early Friday morning.  Right now guidance keeps us dry and my gut tells me that is correct.  Still, I'll keep an eye on this one.  Currently the forecast actually is good for minimal fog, warming temps and light southerly flow.  A shift of a hundred miles could totally change the forecast, which could mean rain or thick fog, depending on how it pans out.  

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