Friday, May 2, 2014

Get it while it is good.

Cooler today, but still a winner.  Cooler for the weekend, but, hey, those days will not be losers.  Actually, pretty epic spring weather is on tap.  Some weather may pass through next week, but likely we will just feel the cooler air temperatures.  But it won't be cold.  And we could see a rebound by late in the week.  Overall, winter rains have yet to cease being a topic of discussion, but don't go expecting much, if any, more water in this neck of the woods.  Water restrictions started yesterday for those of you getting water from SCMU.  No more than 10 CCF a month for a single family dwelling.  That is more than enough for four adults, so if you are having troubles making that mark, take a look at where you can save.  Or you will be spending more money soon.

Moon over Red Cliffs.

Now, for that weather.  Upper 70s right now, and about 82F up on Empire Grade.  We were just hanging out at the Hook and it is a pleasant 69F on the water.  As the high pressure begins to shift, we see a slight chance for developing fog in the early morning hours.  What does form should linger near the water and clear out soon after the sun comes up.  I hope.  Overnight lows about 50F and daytime highs of 72F.  By Monday we see a few degrees drop in temperature, as a storm pushes down onto the PNW.  Right now we don't expect any rain from Marin south, but a lot can happen in a few days.  Maybe an inch or two of snow for Tahoe, offering a nice refresh after a hot week.  And then it looks like we will move into a nice corn cycle with hard overnight freezes and warm days.  But back to the coast.

The coldest day of the week should be Tuesday, but it still looks like it will be in the upper 60s.  Mid 70s by the end of the week as that high pressure fills back in.  Long term models suggest a summer like set up with fog for about mid month.  Still too far out to say for certain.  But right now it is awesome.  Get out and play.  Or plant a garden.  This is great seedling weather.  What ever you do, enjoy that weather right now.  Oh, and enjoy a sunset.  They are still looking pretty nice.

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