Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No big change.

Forecast models have not changed a whole bunch overnight.  Light snow has already begun to fall around Lake Tahoe giving the ski touring crowd a nice surface refresh.  The rest of the state is staying pretty dry.  Maybe some showers on the west slope of Shasta.  Not a whole lot of water involved, so it is basically negligible when considering the drought.  The passage of this system has sped up a bit and most places will be seeing sunshine on Tuesday.  Here in Santa Cruz, we are basically hitting a high of just under 70F, and a low about 50F for the week.  NWS is calling for a slight chance of rain Thursday, but I'm thinking any moisture will stay north of Marin.  Maybe a dusting in the Sierra again.

Sneaking a peak at Round Top, near Kirkwood.

Then things get nice.  Friday we move back into the mid 70s, with us well into the 80s by Monday.  As long as the models stay on this track.  I'm not seeing the summer time fog on the radar yet, so that is always a good things as we move through May.  It is nice for us who garden to get as much sunshine on our seedlings as possible. Once the fog moves in, things really slow down.  For now, it looks like a nice weekend on tap with even nicer start to next week.  Perhaps a beach day is to be planned.

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