Thursday, May 22, 2014


A little bit of blue is starting to peel out over the water, on the westside and maybe downtown.  At 2:32 in the afternoon this is starting to happen.  The fog bank is well out over the water, but upper level grey is just now starting to dissipate.  Who knows how far it will get today.  We still have over five hour till sunset, so there is that.  But it also feels cool and breezy when out of the sun.  Like at my house where the sky is still grey, despite a sun that is burning to break through.  So, we are talking about fewer than five hours of direct sunlight.  You may want to keep an eye on those tomato plants if they are in the ground, especially if they are adolescents and well filled out.  The sickness likes to grow in the folds in weather like this.  Luckily, it does look like we will get a bit of a break, and improvement, for the holiday weekend ahead.

So you want to be a life guard?  Better starting working hard.  These guys were out there in March.

NWS has a high of 73F forecast for today.  It is still quite a bit cooler than that now.  Maybe that sun will do some magic in the next hour and get us heating up.  That said, tomorrow should be warmer, but still some copious fog.  Saturday does not start off much better, but we could see the fog pull out early, and parts of town reaching 80F.  What happens here is that another storm is going to be driving into the coast at the US/CA border.  Sorry friends living from Portland north.  They get rain, while we get a warm air pump.  That pump will also break down the gradient that drives one version of the fog machine.  Sunny, lighter winds, and quite warm on Sunday (okay, I'm not ruling out the chance for morning fog, cause it is May after all and look at this last week).  It is not going to be one of those hot off shore breeze days, but the mornings should have light variable winds, turning on shore and light to moderate in the afternoon.  Maybe beach it in town to get the most bang for the buck.  Tide will be low around 2:30PM at just under a foot and a half.  Should be plenty of san to bathe on.

A touch cooler, but maybe a clearer start to the day, on Monday.  Right now it looks like the wind machine will be setting back up by afternoon as the storm kicks east toward the northern rockies.  It does not look like the state will get any rain from this one.  Oh, well.  More spring grey summer transition stuff on the horizon, with maybe an eddy flow developing for the first weekend in June.  That could mean calm, to light south breezes bringing north warmer water, and deep, heavy, moist fog.  More on that long term stuff later.

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