Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pleasant few days; chance of fog for the weekend.

The kind of weather we are getting right now is really about as nice as we can expect for late May.  North winds are hammering the direct open coast, and outer ocean waters.  Wind gust in excess of 30 knots were reported on the Monterey buoy.  With the direction fairly northerly, instead of westerly, two positive things occur.  First, the marine layer is kept to the immediate coast, making very little head way into town.  So, for most of us, we get to enjoy the beautiful sunrise.  This also allows solar warming to begin at six in the morning instead of two in the afternoon.  So we warm up nicely.  Secondly, the strong winds are not getting as far into town, so we have less wind cooling.  All in all, it makes for some nice weather.  Not the super hot, off shore kind of weather that I love so much and drives me right to the beach.  More of the, "wow, it is really nice out," kind of weather.  Perfect for play or work.

Shore Break.  

Low 80s today, and a bit cooler on Thursday.  Plenty of sunshine.  Marine layer gets a little more of a foot hold on Friday, as the winds shift more westerly.  Still not expecting a super socked in condition.  High temps stay in the low 70s.  By the weekend, the fog becomes more entrenched.  A few days ago, the models suggested a bit of June Gloom weather, where we get light south west flow and the fog lingers until 4:30, and fills back in by 4:45.  That is now off the charts, and the more regular NW breeze condition looks to be in play.  So, fog clears by 11AM or so, and highs will be in the low 70s.  We might return to more of north wind condition next week, so it could look similiar to the past few days.  Basically, it will be spring like the next week.

And that typically means winter is on its way out.  No water producing storms of significance of the 16 day GFS model, and doubtful that will change.  That said, it is not out of the question to get rain in June.  We can only hope.  May turned out to be a fairly wet month in the north and the mountains.  All that late season snow at high elevations has kept the ski touring in really nice shape.  Levitt Peak off Sonora Pass and peaks near Tioga Pass were still holding powder last Thursday.  But basically, winter is done.  If you do head out into the snow, dress light and wear plenty of sun block.  At least it is something to do while we wait for the summer souths swells to start showing up.

With the chance for additional water dwindling, the drought is well entrenched with all of the state in D2 or greater condition.  A quarter of the state is in exceptional (D4) drought.  That includes our region.  Please continue to monitor your water usage and reduce where you can.  The SCMU is passing out free low flow show heads.  That is a good start.  Save water.  We will be needing it.

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