Friday, May 9, 2014

Inept, or just lazy?

I mean, it rained last night.  I could have taken another look at the models, or the radar as the went on.  I saw the increasing clouds.  And then I thought I watched the fog develop and move in.  Turns out, it was a bit more than fog.  Just a very light sprinkle here on the west side of town, just around night fall.  I think we got a little less than a tenth of an inch.  Locations in the Santa Cruz Mountains go upwards of two tenths.  So, just a light rain.  Rain, none the less.  My garden enjoyed it.  I'm just bummed I missed this one.  Not that a whole lot of people are running sprinklers or drip systems right now, but you could have turned yours off for the night, had you known, and saved a bit of water.  Every drop counts.  Fix those leaks if you have them.  And if you live in the city, you are going to be charged extra for every drop over 10CCF.  Anyway, trending toward awesome again.

Contemplation.  Natural Bridges.  Santa Cruz.

Breezy, and warmer today.  Still a few lingering clouds along the mountains.  It was pretty epic cloud formation out there this morning.  Felt very east coast after a thunderstorm kind of way.  The warm May air evaporated a look of surface water and made for some awesome puffy cloud formation.  Strong winds out on the ocean.  Not a whole lot of great surfing out there right now.  Bike trails are in good shape.  Saturday looks similiar.  By Sunday, the onshore winds will begin to lighten up, and the daytime temps will begin to rise.  Upper 70s on Sunday.  80s to start next week.  Overnight lows will also shift up into the 50s.  Monday we will likely see a slack wind begin to develop.  Still some light afternoon onshore, but by Tuesday that could cease.  By then we will be squarely in the mid 80s.  Going to be a stellar day.  Even warmer on Wednesday.  This should be the peak.  Not quite 90F here in town, but toasty.  Beaches will be almost as warm, with little breeze.  Thursday will still be warm, in the low 80s.  Might see that sea breeze begin to pick up again in the afternoon.  Back in the upper 70s to end the work week.  Models suggesting increasing sea breezes with a chance of fog machine for the weekend.  Time will tell.

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