Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going grey.

Today was the last in the run of the current weather pattern.  I love that sunshine.  So do the plants.  Things will take a turn toward the grey starting tomorrow.  The marine layer which has been held to the immediate coastline the past few days will push inland over the coastal plateau later tonight.  I can still see the stars right now.  It won't take too long to clear that fog out Friday, except down by the water.  Pretty much sunny out everywhere by noon, and north west breezes kicking up.   High temps will drop down below 75F.  Saturday looks a bit cooler, with fog reaching further inland, and lingering longer.  It might get interesting by Sunday.

Not a whole lot of mornings like this coming our way.

What is fueling the fog is a shift in the locale of the gradient between the high pressure that is set up to our north and west, and the low pressure that is set up to our east.    The winds were fairly northerly the last few days, and town here was pretty protected.  And that wind direction blows out the fog.  As it shifts more westerly, we begin to get grey mornings and windy afternoons.  But when things shift further, we get well south of the gradient, and sometimes get into an eddy flow.  The winds are south westerly.  And usually not too strong.  They pump in fog that can last all day.  That might happen to us on Sunday.  The good news is that this weather also pushed in warm water from the south.  That can be nice.  Monday also has a chance to be like this, but it looks like the winds will blow it out in the afternoon, as the gradient begins to shift south again.  More on this as we get closer.  For now, expect some grey mornings, and maybe a grey afternoon or two.

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