Thursday, May 30, 2013

About to get right nice around here.

Today started off a little crisp, but with ample sunshine.  And then it started to warm up.  Low 70s out there this afternoon.  It is going to be even warmer on Friday and even warmer than that come Saturday.  Some outlets have even started to call for the upper 80s in Santa Cruz on Saturday.  Not sure if I have bought that real estate, but it is going to be quite nice.  Someone here in town might see something like upper 80s, but it is safe to say that it will be pushing 80F across town.  If the beaches get that warm, I'd be a little shocked, but I do plan to be with my family at the water's edge pre nap time this coming Saturday.  Tide will be pulled way out mid morning, winds should be light and the sun should be shining.  I'd say it is almost as good as it gets for building sand castles and charging shore pound.

Just chillin and waiting for high tide at the Hook, Santa Cruz.

Sunday will not be quite as warm, and as the wind gradient begins to center off of Mendocino, we could see a south flow develop.  That could mean some fog.  Looks like we will be spared on the weekend, but next week could have some foggy mornings.  Depending how the system sets up, some days could stay grey.  We are moving into June.  Hopefully we don't see much of the gloom this year.  My tomatoes have been enjoying the sunshine.  By Sunday we should be back in the mid 70s.  Low temperatures over night hover around 52F.  That looks like the forecast for the week.  With that marine layer though it will feel quite a bit cooler on the immediate coast.  And stay near the coast as this weekend will be hot inland, and quite warm next week.  Hell, it does not even look like it will cool off Saturday overnight in Tracy with a low of 65F, which will feel pretty cool after a day that hits 99F.  Sure is nice living in Santa Cruz.

Surf is running small, and clean in town.  Winds are on it up north.  No solid swell to speak of, but moderate local north wind swell will build through the weekend.  Mornings could be calm up north, and as the south flow develops by Monday, we could see a few days of clean conditions and head high surf up the coast.  Then that will die.  Big news is the chance of another solid southerly swell system arriving some time around next weekend.  Let's hope we get some calm conditions this time around.  In the meantime, word is Wilder an vicinity have been riding very well, so you can always hop on the bike.  Check back here for an update on the fog, next week's weather and the coming surf.

Monday, May 27, 2013

GFS stills has Showers for Tonight.

About a tenth of an inch or less for us on the coast.  Good chance we won't see it here in town thanks to having our backs on a south slope.  Still, keep an eye out for the rest of today, tonight and Tuesday morning.  You could have a wet commute, especially on west facing coast lines and over the mountain pass.  If you are up in the Sierra this weekend, you might be enjoying some snow showers.  Snow could fall down below 8000 feet in some of the colder squalls.  Could be quite wet otherwise.  Maybe Tuesday will be a powder day at Carson Pass.  Not that uncommon for late May in the Sierra, but after such a dry 2013 it is a little shocking.  The nice thing about this storm is that we finally have a break from the winds.  Expect clouds and fog to linger today.  When they do break, expect that wind to pick up considerably.  And it is chilly out.  Barely 60F.  But things look up for the week ahead.

Looking into the sun as we get buzzed on West Cliff.

Tuesday should look like this morning.  Fog/cloud mix with a chance of showers.  Sunny in the afternoon with some luck. Mid 60s with a breeze when the sun pops out.  Another band could move through Wednesday, so NOAA is calling for a slight chance of rain.  My guess is it will be too far north to get us wet, but we should have a day with light winds.  Maybe a slight on shore sea breeze in the afternoon.  By Thursday, another gradient sets up over us.  Sun and wind is to be expected.  Low 70s by Friday.  As we head into the weekend, the core of that gradient looks to shift north, off the Mendocino coast, so light morning off shores could be the call, with moderate afternoon NW breezes.   With some luck the marine layer won't move in on us and we could see temps moving into the mid to upper 70s for Saturday.  Slight bit cooler on Sunday.  Looks like a great first weekend of June.

Friday, May 24, 2013

So much for that sunny weekend.

Saturday forecast is still on.  Upper 60s.  Sun.  Wind.  Not as much as we have been having though.  Fog is still on for Sunday.  Actually could be a little thick in the morning.  Low hanging.  The kind of fog that kind of feels like it is lightly raining on you.  Oh yes.  Still looking to clear out.  The storm system coming down the coast is looking to break through a little further south on this morning's run.  Light rain in Marin for Memorial Day, spreading south to here by evening.  Still just a small chance, but it will bring with it some cooler air.  Instead of 70s and mostly sun, it looks like low 60s and mostly clouds for the holiday.  Bummer.  While we see only a small dip in temperature, up in the Sierra it is going to feel cold, with high temperatures in the 50s and maybe just the 40s at the higher elevations.  There is a little good news in all of this if you happen to be a surfer.

Just a few folks floating around the point.  Near 38th Avenue, Santa Cruz.

Starting today we see a nice combo swell with a small west-northwest and a small southwest swell adding up to maybe some fun sized waves at the right spots.  The NW flow should be a bit lighter on Saturday, allowing the crowds to spread out a bit.  The real good news is that Monday we should see mostly light winds.  So even though the swell will be baking off by then, a lot of beach break will be relatively clean.  With the hordes that usually descend on Santa Cruz for the opening of the summer season, it will be nice to spread out a bit.  As for that rain, I'll keep an eye out and report back here soon.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Windy, sunny days ahead. Chance of rain for early next week. All in all, a good holiday weekend.

High 60s and sunshine for the next few days.  Copious amount of wind as well.  A little less wind over the weekend, which is a plus, cause it is super breezy out there today.  Nearly blew my son off the wall he was climbing on.  Sunday morning we should have a little fog here right along the immediate coast in the morning.  Thanks to the winds, it will clear out on the early side.  Should be gone by Monday, though.  Memorial Day looks light sunshine, a high of 70F and moderate winds.  Head to the east side early to take advantage of the low tide and cliffs.  It will pretty nice over there.

Looking east toward the Capitola Wharf, with Sharks and Privates loving the south swell.

Big thing of interest is the chance of light rain showers as early as Monday night.  A low pressure system is diving south along the coast from the Gulf of Alaska.  A good dose of water for the PNW.  Down here we will see some clouds, and perhaps showers overnight.  Best bet is to have things clear out through the morning with sun and NW winds in the afternoon.  After the pseudo storm, we see more sun, warm days and little fog.  Although, the high pressure is to begin to weaken, and we could see the development of marine layer.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eastside is Going Off. Get Out and Git Sum!!!

OMG the weather in Santa Cruz right now is absolutely wonderful.  The Eastside is getting it on.  Lack of morning fog led to a quick warm up and being tucked so well into the top of Monterey Bay, the worst of the winds were well outside the kelp.  Makes for some great beach weather.  Add to that a thumping south swell and you have entertainment as well.  It does not get much better than this.  Okay, sure, it could be a slack wind day and then even the beaches up on the north coast get balmy, but that is quite a bit rarer than gold.  So, let's count our chickens.  Looks like the winds won't back down enough to let the fog fill in tomorrow, so another beach day it is.  Monday should be another winner.  Even warmer than today.  Let us call it mid 70s in town and break 70F on the beach near Shark's Cove.

A surfer walks in across the reef near Shark's Cove in Santa Cruz.  Just another lovely day here at home.

A small storm spins up and run into the PNW, allowing a little more dampness to sneak through the wind shield for Tuesday morning.  High temps drop back into the mid 60s.  Wednesday looks pretty darn breezy.  Temps creep back up into the upper 60s.  At lest those winds will keep the morning clear.  After that, it looks like more clear mornings, and upper 60s to maybe 70F, with the NW wind backing down just a little bit.  With some luck, by Friday the gradient will be weakening and shifting north.  But bottom line is you need to get out there and enjoy some of this fine weather.  And it is hot in the local hills.  Could be in the upper 80s just a few miles away from the coast.  Geez.  We have been pretty lucky with the lack of any real marine layer.  Don't worry though, we still have June, July and August.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

49/69 with a Slight Chance of Morning Fog, and a Very Good Chance of Strong NW Wind.

That about sums it up.  And looks lie I should have stuck with my initial forecast of morning sun.  Friday turned out to be quite nice, and Saturday was no shame.  If you could hide from the wind, it was beach weather.  Mornings are a bit easier, but that wind is coming up fast, so it is blowing well before the sun warms things up.  Morning lows are just a hair under 50F.  So it is still chilly early.  Warms up nicely before noon.  So, seeing that my fog forecast for the past two mornings, I again predict a little marine layer for Sunday, and hope that I am wrong.  I tell you though, the north west flow has been so strong it has not allowed fog to settle any where.  So, at least if we do end up with fog, it means the winds are starting off lighter.  Anyway, the high will be a hair shy of 70F.

Roaring Camp Railroad is a lot of fun on a nice warm day.  And you are out of the winds for the most part.

So, the weather is kind of boring for the foreseeable future.  Best guess is for a little fog Monday from a day of slightly lighter winds.  Don't get me wrong, it will still be windy, just not gale force.  Maybe some fog Tuesday morning from a closed low that could develop just to our north.  No rain, and just some fog perhaps.  Winds seem to pick up and keep it clear for the rest of the work week.

Of more interest is the long period south swell that is to fill in this evening.  Last Monday this swell hit Tahiti and made some seriously huge tubes.  In fact they had big waves for the entire week.  What we get will be filtered through the south Pacific islands and beaten down by winds and high pressure.  But we should still get something.  Right now the period is running about 20 seconds, but will drop to 19 seconds tomorrow.  Deep water focal breaks will make the most of this first pulse.  With luck it will be head high plus when it peaks Monday.  Additional pulses with initial periods around 17 seconds arrive through the week.  What ever waves do make it through will be arriving over the next seven days.  And by next weekend we may see the arrival of a decent WNW swell.  So, looks like we have waves for the next seven or more days.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So much for that whole fog free mornings thing...

Looks like we will have a few foggy mornings for the next little bit.  We had a little rain this morning, and once the fog portion of the grey pulled out around 10 this morning, the partly clouded aspect took hold.  Not terrible, but with the breeze, and cooler air, today sure feels a bit chillier than the last few.  Kind of as expected.  This whole thing sticks around for 24 hours or so, but we probably won't see much more rain.  More likely in the hills.  Snowing up above 8,000 feet.  Friday morning should feel similar to this morning, except there should not be rain with it.  Once the fog pulls out in the late morning, it should warm up nicely.  Warmer on the weekend, but still that morning fog persists.  And into next week.  Gonna be just like you'd expect in May.  Cool overnight, but fog cover keeps it from getting cold.  A calm, chilly morning, where the sun burns through late morning, and it starts to warm up.  Winds pick up through the afternoon, and as soon as that sun gets low, it will start to cool off.  Swell report for this coming weekend and beyond tomorrow.  Things look to be up.

Mid morning low tides this weekend.  Get your tide pooling on.  Near Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Fine Spring Day.

No fog this morning.  Twas a wonderful morning at the beach, with tide pulled way out, not freezing cold water and sunshine.  That won't be the case tomorrow, as a bit of a storm moves through just to our north and east.  Way up high snow could start falling tonight.  Light, if any, accumilation expected. Mostly just gonna pull in clouds and a heavy marine layer for us down here on the coast.  Might even squeeze a little drizzle out of this one.  Regardless, it will bring a bit of chill to the air for Thursday.

Things still look good for the weekend.  After Thursday, the clouds give way to sun and another few days with a chance of a sunny morning.  Of course that won't last long.  Thursday will be in the mid 60s,  with Friday pushing the upper 60s and low 70s for the weekend.  Light fog is likely each morning, but with some luck, the marine layer will stay out at sea until Saturday night.  Should have a grey sky for Sunday morning.  Windy afternoons.  Thursday might go slack, but after that the NW build back in, building through the weekend.  Temps hang out around 70 to start off next week, with strong afternoon winds to start the week.  Tuesday could be a winner.

Monday, May 13, 2013

British Columbia gets some Steady Rainfall, while Santa Cruz sees Mostly Sunshine.

It sure is wet up north.  Even as far south as Portland has seen a good amount of rainfall so far, and more is coming, especially for the Canadian coastline.  A little piece of the current system up there could head down toward us later in the week.  More on that below.  Today it is pretty nice outside.  Yesterday sure felt warmer than mid 70s and today already feels warmer than the low 70s.  So, I'd say things have shaped up nicely to start the week.  Fog cleared out just around 9AM this morning, and that sunshine felt real good this morning.  It looks like that marine layer is going to pull out a ways today and stay there for a bit.  Could be clear at sunrise the next two mornings.  And warm.  We are going to try to make it out for a morning beach day tomorrow and maybe Wednesday.  Tide bottoms out tomorrow morning just before 8AM at just about zero feet.  That means the beaches along Pleasure Point could be wide and warm in the mornings.  Sounds like fun to me.  High temps the next two days should be just about 70F, but maybe they will be a touch warmer just like today is.  Things change Wednesday night.

That piece of storm thing happens.  A short wave breaks south and falls apart over the Sierra Nevada.  Maybe some high elevation snow showers to develop into Thursday evening, as the bulk of the moisture arrives.  Down here on the coast it just looks like some new fog developing.  Expect the burn off to be slow on Thursday, but it should happen by noon-ish.  This little bit of a storm (if you can even call it that) is not really going to hit us in Santa Cruz.  But if you enjoy a spring ski tour, an inch of snow and some wind could refresh those slopes.  Could be a good weekend for a schuss.  Things warm up quickly after this little interference.  Thursday will be a bit cooler down along the coast, with the high temps staying in the 60s.  Back to near 70 by Saturday and sunny, but that fog may show back up by Sunday.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Warm and sunny mid day. Chances of fog in the mornings.

That about wraps it up for this coming week.  Some slight changes day to day, but it looks like a nice, fair week is ahead of us.  Mid 70s today, and things have already warmed up nicely.  Fog is lingering on the beaches, but once up off the sand and on to the bluffs, the sun is shining.  Maybe that fog hovering over the water is a good thing, keeping the wind from coming up too much.  From looking at that fog now, and basis things on the way things are setting up, good chances for fog to start off the day on Monday.  But it won't last long.  Sunny by 9AM, or perhaps even earlier.  Hell, it cleared up this morning before 7AM.  Low 70s expected for Monday.

The rest of the week looks fair except for some wind moving over us starting Tuesday.  The core of the wind should be well north of us by Wednesday, but expect some good 20 knot breezes coming off the ocean in the afternoons this week.  High temps will be getting to just about 70F.  Fog looking less likely (there is some good news regarding a strong sea breeze) as the week moves on.  Could be some good beach days coming up on the east side of town with morning sun and low tides.  I'll keep you posted on that.  As for the surf, well, it is pretty small right now, with a little wind swell and even some mid period swell coming from the north west.  Good news is that we should see some long period swell arriving from the south Pacific by next weekend.  Until then, enjoy the mountain biking.  Trails are in excellent shape.  And tend to your gardens.  Don't forget to water this summer.  It is gonna be a dry one.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Not that it really feels all that different than normal.  The marine layer merged with the clouds the last few days.  Today was a bit more normal.  Fog cleared out earlier than the overcast of a few days ago.  This is good.  Could be a lot more grey this time of year.  Still not in a completely normal spring pattern as a large scale, albeit weak, storm system moves through the Gulf of Alaska.  High pressure dominates down here.  NW winds build to our south and then gradually move north through the weekend.  Could be some afternoon gusts today.  Marine layer starting to build a it tough.  It will really all depend how close the storm gets to us.  But it looks like the weather should be fair with maybe some slight improvement through the week.

So, let's say it will look like this.  Fog returns after dark tonight.  Even a little higher and a little thinner than today's.  Burns off in town by around 9AM or so.  High in the mid to upper 60s along the ocean, with low 70s pretty much just a few blocks off the bluff.  Warmer in spots, especially if you can find a little wind protection.  With some luck, that would just mean being any where in town.  Felt pretty toasty today walking around downtown, the wharf and west side in general.  Sunday should be more of the same, but maybe that marine layer will fade away for the weekend with that storm drawing in the moisture.  It is actually looking pretty nice through the beginning of next week.  Only downside is that wind field moving through our  part of the coast around Tuesday will keep things from warming up too much in the afternoons.  Typical summer time high pressure for mid next week, with a chance of marine layer developing as the gradient sets up near Mendocino.

Just want to note, what is not so typical is that the north Pacific continues to remain some what active for the month of May.  Could see some influence on our weather, and if we are lucky a little swell.  Not much out there right now, but a small mid period pulse from the WNW should show around Monday, as well as a small longer period SW.  Not much, but a whole lot more than we have right now.  Not to worry, Wilder is biking real night right now.  I headed up the left fork of Englesmen Loop yesterday around 6:30 and the light was just about perfect with pretty much the entire climb in the shade.  Kept to the single track through the pine canyon and then along lower Eucalyptus Loop, and down through some meadow single track.  Beautiful out there this time of year, especially in the canyon.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not Quite Normal, for a Another Week. Return to Normal(ish) a Week from Now.

Cloud cover this morning pulled out and revealed sunshine.  Actually warmed up quite a bit with that yellow orb burning up high.  Kind of feels like a fog event thing, but it is not really that.  While the low pressure center has shifted inland and to our north, moisture was pulled off the ocean and into the Sierra.  Hence the high clouds on the coast.  By late morning our sun burns through the thin layer.  But up in the mountains those clouds pile up thick and have put done a foot of snow already.  More could fall as moisture linger through Wednesday, but daytime highs should be in the 50s at 8000 feet by Wednesday.  So more rain than snow.  Still good to get a little water up on those peaks.  Been a very dry year.  So, what does that mean for us weather wise down here in Santa Cruz.

Beautiful morning at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz.  

Well, it will feel like a typical spring day for most.  But with lighter winds.  Morning clouds likely again tomorrow, as the on shore flow pulls in more moisture, fueling showers in the mountains.  Should burn off even earlier than today as the center of the low will be further east easing the flow.  Clouds likely to persist in the coastal hills and mountains.  Could see some drizzle along the coast in the early morning, or afternoon showers along ridge tops.  But mostly we see a warming and drying trend through Thursday.  Each day a little less wet.  Each day a little less cool.  Friday is looking to be a winner, and the weekend is shaping up pretty nicely as well.  Could be in the 70s in select spots around Santa Cruz.

Actually it kind of depends on what develops to our north.  Right now the models are are leaning towards a pretty sizable late season rain system rolling into British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.    Heavy rain for points north, but dry down here and for all but the most northern edge of the state.  Good news for us is light winds, a clear sky and plenty of sunshine.  Hell, winds look pretty light all week considering.  Too bad there is pretty much about zero swell in the water.  Maybe a handful of chest high waves out there.

Could be clear until the middle of next week when we start to see a gradient develop in the northern waters.  That could mean foggy mornings and windy afternoons.  Or summer.  Watch for drizzle over the next few mornings.  Winds mostly light, except for Thursday when we could see some moderate north west afternoon wind.  Nothing too dramatic.  Decent weekend shaping up for the central coast.  Winds right now are really looking to be on the lighter side, so beaches up north could be decent.  Get outside while the weather is still nice.  Summer is on the way, and that always means a good chance for greydom.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Over half a foot in the mountains, and rain in L.A.

Ah, here we are in mid spring and snow is falling in the hills.  Snow level dropped down to below lake level early this morning, and Kirkwood is reporting 6 inches at the base.  Snow and showers continue today and Tuesday as this system persists.  Good chance of moderate rain down in Los Angeles, and slight chance up here.  See, we are much closer to the center of circulation, and actually in a bit of a moisture shadow.  The main bands are wrapping into the coast south of us, and up through the mountains to our east, and then back out toward the coast north of us.  Humboldt could end up with over 1.5 inches.    Not bad news.  Water will still get to the majority of our reservoirs, and SoCal has fires it needs to put out.  We had some showers last night.  Enough perhaps to settle some dust and temporarily moisten the surface.  But you can still go outside and enjoy the day.  But bring a shell and maybe an umbrella, as a shower is not improbable.  Low to mid 60s today, with a chill near the water.  Moderate south easterly wind.

Can you see where the golf course starts?  Some contrast here.  Palm Desert, California.

More of the same tomorrow really.  Maybe a slight bit warmer.  Doubtful though.  The energy from this thing shifts east Wednesday and we will begin to see some clearing.  Showers continue in the mountains, but snow levels rise up above 7500 feet.  Should be good to go for top to bottom runs at the highest resorts.  But they are closed, so you will need to go back country if you want to get the foot or so of powder that will fall with this storm.  But get out before the sun gets high on Wednesday, as stuff will get sticky and scary once things warm up.  Only go with knowledge, gear and a buddy.  Slides can still be deadly this time of year.

By Thursday, we could be bak in the 70s downtown, and pleasant out by the water.  Nothing like last week, but nice enough.  Looks like we could get into a slight warming trend for the weekend, but right now, let us just plan on 70F and some sunshine.  Still looks like no significant fog machine for the coming week, as a low pressure forecast to move in to the Gulf for the weekend, keeps the typical summer pattern from developing.  Good chance for light winds and warmth.  More as we get closer.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Good News. Rain?

That breeze, or rather, gale, you feel out side is kind of good news.  Fire fighters generally don't like the wind.  It whips the flames and spreads the blaze.  But these winds are the result of that odd little low pressure developing right on top of us.  Yesterday's fog is gone, as this thing has now pinched off and started to spin.  It currently looks like it will be picking up moisture off the ocean and sending it inland. Good news for the forest of southern California that have been burning for the past several days.  And I got word this morning of a fire burning up behind the UCSC campus.  Hopefully that got nipped in the bud, as the rain does not look as likely for us.  More on that soon, but just wanted to say something here folks.  It has been a very dry winter as you know.  And most of our rain fall fell back in 2012.  It is super dry out there, even in our typically moist coastal range.  Be careful and smart if you are traveling in the Santa Cruz mountains.  Fire danger is very real this season.

Another Palm Desert view.  If it is not a golf course, it must be a pool.  

Anyway, rain is not likely for us, but as this thing spins the next few days, we could see some bands or light rain develop.  Higher elevations are more susceptible.  The Sierra is looking at a good chance of rain and thunder.  Way up high they may even get a little snow.  But all of that should be pretty much above pass level.  Still, if driving in the mountains the next few days, carry chains and supplies.  You never know what they might throw at ya.  Chances for afternoon thunderstorms persist through the week as this system pumps moisture into our air.  But let's talk about us here in Santa Cruz.

It is chilly out there today as we get hit with what feels like a winter storm.  It will hit 60F if you are lucky.  Pretty much more of the same on Monday, albeit with a little less wind.  Tuesday should see this storm finally begin to move east and winds lighten.  Expect mid 60s.  By Thursday, things begin to return to a more normal spring condition.  No real fog expected.  With luck, we will finish the work week with sunny mornings and temps pushing into 70F downtown.  Nothing like this past friday, but reasonable.  More of the same for the weekend.

Kind of.  Some late season storms are charted to develop in the Pacific and make there typical trek east. Winds will be light over the weekend due to the more easterly system moving well into the Gulf of Alaska.  Heavy rain could develop in the PNW by next Sunday (the 12th).  I'll wanna keep an eye on these storms, as a shift south in their track could dampen our weather quite a bit.  But as of now, the local weather looks decent.  As for Seattle, they are looking at several days and several inches of rain.  Water they don't need but we could really use.  More on this soon.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Holy. Rain on the way? And fire?

This little thing is doing some wonders.  Pulled in the cool air and fog things up this morning.  Possible rain, and for sure some thick, heavy, damp, low lying clouds.  More on this later today.  Gotta run.   But think about a chance for light showers come Monday, and wetness well before then.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Top of the Bubble.

Man, I need to start remembering to bring my camera around with me way more often.  It was beautiful out this morning sitting on the beach as the tide pulled out and the waves came across the reef at the end of 41st.  You know the Hook.  Waves looked kind of fun, but every once and a while a real good one would come through.  More often than not it was not capitalized on, but occasionally some one would rip it up.  Didn't matter to us much on the beach.  That was just the entertainment.  By 9AM the sun was warm and high.  It was bathing suit weather.  For real.  Gonna hit the 80s here in town today.  Maybe even out on the cliff if the breeze does not pick up too much.  Okay, maybe that is hoping too much, but it is a warm one.  Tomorrow should be another killer day even if a bit chllier.  Then things turn more seasonable around here.  Or at least, kind of.

It is not quite desert hot out there today, but is damn warm.  Up in the hills above Palm Desert, CA.

Saturday will still be nice, warming up into the mid 70s.  What is kind of strange is that the energy from the typical summer trough in the SW is going to pinch off  and develop a cyclonic pseudo storm just off our coast.  This thing is not really a rain maker.  It comes in dry, and will start developing a light south west wind over our local waters.  Should help warm up those water temps.  Sunday should be even cooler, and more seasonable.  This weird system will keep the marine layer at bay, but it may develop some legitimate clouds and winds could be moderate out of the south.  Seasonable temps continue through the coming work week, and this system starts to dissipate on Monday and winds shift more south easterly, maybe giving us some warmth from Salinas Valley.  High 60s through next week, which us maybe nudging on 70F by the later half of the work week.  No fog in sight, but that could easily change.  check back often.

Something else that is interesting, is that mid term models have two storms develop in the NPAC around the 9th through 11th.  One around 160E and the other around 160W, both moving toward the West Coast.  If this were to come to pass, Hawaii would get a very good does of swell, but we could also see some mid period sideband energy by the 13th.  These same models suggest showers developing SF north on the 9th, and very wet winter like system hitting the BC down to Marin around the 14th.  I'll be watching all this stuff, as it is real interesting.