Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Big Storm for the Rockies.

We will get some cooler air come Wednesday evening, but likely most won't notice it much.  The Sierra could get a dusting of snow and freezing temps down below 7000F.  Tahoe will see afternoon highs drop from about 80F to 50F.  The Wasatch (near Salt Lake City) could be receiving multiple feet of snow.  Out in the Gulf of Alaska weak low pressure is dominant in the west and a high in the east.   We are starting to see a swing toward fall, and even winter like weather.   A slow shift.  Locally, it feels kind of like summer this morning.  Upper 50s and foggy.

Expect more of the same over the next few days, with it being a bit cooler Thursday and into Friday.  After that we see a return to warmer, sunnier weather, not dissimilar from this past Saturday through Monday.  Ahhh.  Hot autumn.  Actually, it won't be hot like Sunday.  More warm like Monday.  That high pressure slowly builds east and west, and will become the dominant feature in the Gulf through the next week.  We should see sunnier, warming weather, but it may shift north, which would bring a wind gradient, and perhaps fog.  Will keep an eye on next week. For now, the weekend looks excellent.  Upper 70s and sunny, with lighter winds.  Until then, upper 60s/low 70s, morning fg and afternoon onshore breezes.

I don't see much in the way of autumn swell makers on the charts until October.  So, not a complete shift.  The SPAC will send a swell for this weekend.  Then we might be looking at a week plus with no significant swells.  Make of it what you can, and remember that the NPAC will turn on soon enough.

PS.  It has been great weather for tomatoes.  More ripening every day.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Battle Fronts

Sunday was warm.  My inaccurate car thermometer registered 101F on King Street at 3:30 in the afternoon.  That was not too far off, as a nearby gauge topped at 100.4F at 4:37PM.  Like I said, warm.  And a while back on the 12th we got some actual rain.  3/100 of an inch.  Not too much, but it certainly did rain for a bit.  The seasons are struggling to change as we approach equinox.  Over the next ten days we could see a shift to more fall like weather.  As in warmer, less fog, and eventually light winds.

First things will cool off a touch from yesterday's warmth.  Monday is forecast to reach just about 80F.  We may warm more than that, but by Wednesday, we should see a more dominant marine layer  This will block sun and drop temps to the lower 70s.  Still not as cool as that chill hey called August.  Holy cow was that nipper.  I am all in for the sun.  So are my tomatoes.  So much happier.  Anyway, we shift back toward sun and warming late in the work week, with a good chance of being back in the 80s for the coming weekend.

As we shift seasons, so does the swell direction.  A fresh NW is in the water this morning.  The first of the season, other than a few small, short period burst in the pst few weeks.  5'@14s this morning should be offering up head high waves.  Bigger if you head north.  Kind of fun to see it starting.  There may be another pulse late in the work week, then we wait.  Speaking of waiting, the monarch migration will begin soon with all the change in the air.  Can't wait.  Autumn is my favorite time of year here in Santa Cruz.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Schools Back In.

Seems like now that summer break is over, it is a good time to get back to some posting of weather.  Been a foggy run since I got back into town in early August.  Looks like that is to continue.  Nothing exciting to report.  Mid 50s by night, mid 60s by day.  Fog in the morning, slowly burning off.  I've seen a few days where the sun is out before noon, but that is not the norm right now.  Expect that to continue through the end of the month.  But then it will be September.  Typically the month when the nice weather arrives.  I'll be looking forward to seeing the sun rise again.  I spent several weeks on the east coast and love how it is is hot out, on the beach, at 8AM.  Waves were tiny, but it was alluring to get in, just to cool down.  That is not so much the case as I am putting on a damp wet suit on a cold foggy morning.  Of course, we actually had some waves last weekend.  So that makes a difference as well.

Enough stream of consciousness.  Expect to see more updates soon.  Winter is far from predicted, but indices suggest another dry one.  So keep up the good work and conserve water.  And pray for my tomatoes.  They do not like this fog.  I've been trimming away the lower leaves to allow air flow.  Hopefully that will help.  Until next time; cheers.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Been a few months since I've posted regularly in this blog.  Slowly making my way back to it, and plan to post up about weekly now that it is summer.  If life permits, I'll be back at it regularly once the weather starts get more interesting come fall.  A La Nina is brewing, as I am sure you heard.  If memory serves me right, 10/11 was such, following a weak El Nino.  That was a very big winter.  Anyway, today it is foggy.  It has been so for a week now it seems.  Sure, there has been sun, and such, at times, but coolness pervades.  And this morning, there was drizzle.  Pretty cool.

Once is Enough, back in March.  Things filled in nicely this year.

This chilly, damp weather is to continue through the work week.  If you have things you want kept dry, bring them inside.  The next few mornings will be wet from overnight drizzle.  Afternoons are fair, with some sun, and light winds.  By the end of the work week, winds shift more NW, and stronger.  Mornings will remain on the grey side, but be at least dryer.  By then a few southerly swells will start arriving.  Nothing like that last run that many of ya all enjoyed, but filling in from the low in swell mid week.  One is from a tropical system, and two are the southern hemisphere.  All added up, we could be seeing head high around town.  Good summer fun.

Daytime highs will lift into the 70s over the weekend, and more sun arrives for next work week.  I'll follow up with a report before then.  In the meantime, welcome to July.