Friday, January 26, 2018


Cold out there this morning.  Burlwood, near upper Granite Creek, in Scotts Valley is reading 31.7F.  Tie Gulch is about 35F.  Here in town it is 39F, at 7:45AM.  It is crisp out there this morning.  Dress warm.  Most locations are in the mid to upper 30s, with a few into the low 40s.  Not a cloud in the sky, so once that sun is up, things will warm a bit.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Nice Day.

Turned out to be a pretty nice day today.  Crisp.  A brief period of rain around 9:15 this morning, but other than that, dry.  And when I was up at 3AM today getting water from the sink, I noticed stars.  I checked the gauges this morning, and we only got 4/10th of an inch here on the Westside.  Love Creek got about 8/10th.  All in all, as expected, but when it was coming down hard last evening, I thought we'd end up with more.  It really did move swiftly. Anyway, cool out there now, in the upper 40s.  It was cool this morning, and did not hit 50F until 10:30.  Tomorrow will be much of the same, but will have more sunshine, and will, hence, feel warmer.

One more of last week's snow.  Covered Wagon was smooooth.

The next few nights will be cold, in the low 40s in town.  Some of the local inland hollows could see some freezing temps.  Tie Gulch was at 35F for a while this morning, and we had some cloud cover.  It will be more clear tonight, and colder.  More so Friday night.  Saturday bring us back into the 60s, and Sunday and Monday look warm even.  Still, upper 60s at best.  Then, as forecast, we hang in the mid 60s the rest of the week.  Overnight lows hang in the mid 40s.  This could go on for some time.

In other news, the ski resorts received from 8 to 18 inches of new snow, depending on elevation and location.  While this was not the much needed mega storm, parts of the upper mountains are starting to be much more in play.  Kirkwood and Rose have a good coating top to bottom, and at least the rest of the resorts now have some natural snow at the base. It should be a busy weekend up there.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Decent Start.

Forecast totals are up a bit today.  That is good news for the water collection.  And with these colds temps, we will continue to build a snow pack.  Two tenths of an inch so far on the Westside.  Half of that in the late afternoon.  The rest falling with this current burst.  Radar suggest we are in the midst of a cell.  It is dumping in the mountains and Love Creek is already at a half inch of rain.  This rain should taper well after mid night, and in fact, we might see our heaviest fall rates in the very early morning hours.  We could see a half inch here in town and more than double that in the local mountains.  The Sierra Crest is looking at up to a foot of snow on the highest peaks.  This is the main hit, and it is moving fast.  We will need to watch tomorrow to see how the showers fill in.  NOAA is calling for decreasing chances of rain throughout the day.  GFS keeps very light rain chances around through most of Thursday and into the night.  Either way, prepare for clouds and drizzle on Thursday.

Kirkwood was real fun last week.  Bombs away.

Friday will be a day of clearing.  I'd like to say warming, but it will be chilly, sticking around in the 50s.  We will see some warming and sunshine over the weekend.  Low 60s Saturday.  Upper 60s Sunday and Monday, then we moderate and hang in the mid 60s through the start of next week.

BTW, in the hour or so it too to write and post this, we already received almost another tenth of an inch of rain, so yeah, we should easily top a half inch.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Bit More Coming

Walnut Street ended up with .28 inches yesterday.  Love Creek near Felton got seven tenths of an inch.  That is a pretty impressive total.  We got some rain showers here in town in the afternoon.  The Pogonip had water flowing.  Not bad for a light rain system.

Kirkwood.  Last Friday.

6PM GFS keeps the rain off until later afternoon, with the heaviest band moving through after night fall.  Then, it looks like rain clears out for the morning on Thursday, with light rain returning in the afternoon or evening.  So, like a one, two punch.  Or a one punch, and a tap.  Wednesday night we are looking at between a quarter and a half inch by Thursday morning.  The second round looks like only a drizzle, maybe a tenth of an inch, and finishing by midnight.  Friday will cool, but clear.

It is going to be cold during the storm as well.  It won't be so bad tomorrow morning, but we will hit our high in the upper 50s early in the day.  Then the cold front moves through.  We drop into the low 40s over night, but on Thursday, highs will be in the low 50s and cloudy.  And maybe drizzly.  It will feel cold.  A little warmer and with a bit more sun on Friday.  And then we will see high pressure begin to nose in.  Highs will move back into the mid 60s by Sunday.  Sun with clouds during the period.  And as of now, next week looks like seasonal and dry.  We could be headed into a prolonged dry period.