Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Bit More Coming

Walnut Street ended up with .28 inches yesterday.  Love Creek near Felton got seven tenths of an inch.  That is a pretty impressive total.  We got some rain showers here in town in the afternoon.  The Pogonip had water flowing.  Not bad for a light rain system.

Kirkwood.  Last Friday.

6PM GFS keeps the rain off until later afternoon, with the heaviest band moving through after night fall.  Then, it looks like rain clears out for the morning on Thursday, with light rain returning in the afternoon or evening.  So, like a one, two punch.  Or a one punch, and a tap.  Wednesday night we are looking at between a quarter and a half inch by Thursday morning.  The second round looks like only a drizzle, maybe a tenth of an inch, and finishing by midnight.  Friday will cool, but clear.

It is going to be cold during the storm as well.  It won't be so bad tomorrow morning, but we will hit our high in the upper 50s early in the day.  Then the cold front moves through.  We drop into the low 40s over night, but on Thursday, highs will be in the low 50s and cloudy.  And maybe drizzly.  It will feel cold.  A little warmer and with a bit more sun on Friday.  And then we will see high pressure begin to nose in.  Highs will move back into the mid 60s by Sunday.  Sun with clouds during the period.  And as of now, next week looks like seasonal and dry.  We could be headed into a prolonged dry period.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Quarter Inch.

Almost a quarter inch of rain so far this morning.  Hello.  I juts got back to the computer after a few days of checking out the snow.  Heavenly Valley did excellent, with a storm total of 19" on its eastern slopes.  Lake effect on Friday night did its thing for real.  North Lake resorts did decent, with about 10 inches.  Kirkwood came in with a weak 7", but I can tell you that it bonded like a dream.  In spots, you can feel the ice below at all.  Others, you can tell a bit.  But this cold snow did wonders for the resort skiing. And the backcountry has a full refresh.  They were forecasted to get a dusting to an inch last night, but this storm was slow coming in.  It would not be surprising if some locations along the crest end up with four inches or more today.  And it is cold.  Barely 50F at 9AM today.

Thin snow pack makes for gorgeous hiking.  Kirkwood in January, 2018.

This weather should clear out of here soon.  Clouds stick around into the afternoon.  Moderate breeze out there, starting to clock around from the south.  Cold tonight in the low 40s.  How cold will depend on how clear it gets.  Tuesday looks sunny and mild, with a high around 60F.  Another cool night Tuesday, and rain returns on Wednesday.  This storm looks wetter than the current or last week's.  Again, the bulk will be to our north, but we are looking at almost an inch of rain locally.  A bit less than that in town.  This storm will have a cold end to it.  Actually, compared to many storms this year, it will start cold.  High temps hang in the upper 50s into Friday.  It does look like we have a high pressure coming back our way into the weekend, with a little bit of warming.  More on that later.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Final Call.

Clouds tonight.  Not cold at all.  Low of about 50F.  Clouds are like a blanket.  We will probably not see a whole bunch of rain from this system, perhaps a half inch.  Likely it will start around mid day, but that is what the forecast said last time, and we had steady rain by sunrise.  Highs will be about 60F around town tomorrow.  We could see steady light rain in the afternoon, with better chances for moderate rain in the evening and through the night hours.  Temps in the mid 40s.  Rain is likely int the morning on Friday, but light.  And it will be cool. Mid 50s for a high temp.  Rain should taper off through the day, and by gone by midnight at the latest.  Like I said, this will be a light rain event for Santa Cruz.  But cold.  Friday night will see a low in the low 40s.  Clouds and some sun for Saturday.

The swell will be big Thursday.  A raw swell should hit and peak at 17'@17s in the morning.  Strong south west winds should make a good mess of it, but if you like wild sea spray, it should be a good day.  Swell will get knocked down a bunch for Friday, and it will be strong northwest winds.  Some surf in town.  Back to the weather, we should see some more rain arriving sometime on Sunday.  Best guess right now is for late Sunday.  Looks like this one will be bit further north, and little less wet for us.  Still, more rain.  And we are still tracking one for middle of next week.  Stay dry, puddle stomp, hike the redwoods.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Update.

No real rain in town overnight.  High temp on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was 69.4F at Walnut and King.  It was a high 81.3F at noon on Sunday.  Currently, at 12:20, on Tuesday, it is 59.2F.  Notice a cooling trend?  No snow reported up in Tahoe.  Okay, I only checked Squaw and Kirkwood, but that is indicative.   There is still an outside chance for s snow flurry in the north.  But let us move on.

NWS has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon.  This will be a start to a skiing base at lower elevations, but far from enough to make things start to go off.  Except at the highest elevations.  If you are biting at the bit to ski, but don't want to hit rocks, wait another week, as there are more storms on the way.

Sorry for the delayed post this of yesterday's forecast.  Need to work out the glitches.  Nothing more to add today.  I'll take a long look at this week's storm, and let you know the details in tomorrows post.  For now, think about prepping your yard and home for the coming rains.  While last night's storm was a complete bust, these next three look like they will brings some rain, and cold.  Snow levels could be down to 3000 feet on Friday, and then hang at less than 5000 feet into the storm on Sunday.  More rain likely to follow.