Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Riding High.

The bubble is building.  Sunday was unexpectedly warm.  Monday was nice.  Two beach days in a row has this family pretty stoked right now.  Today will be another, but we are headed off to school.  Oh well.  We like it there too.  Upper 80s in town and low 80s at the beach.  Up the coast it could be a bit cooler, but still expect upper 70s along the ocean.  Light winds prevail, with a slight onshore push this afternoon.  Gorgeous.  Get it while it is good, as the foggy weather will return for the weekend.

Thimble Peak.  Snow is melting fast up there.  

Not a whole lot of changes to the forecast this morning.  A peak of warmth on Wednesday, when it may top 90F in town.  Hell, it is already 88F out there right now around 1PM.  And the beaches up the coast will be in prime shape.  If you ever fantasize about having beach weather at one of the spots between Santa Cruz and the city, tomorrow is your day.  Tide will fill into to just about four feet just before noon.  That is low enough that some of the more adventurous spots will still be accessible.  I know where we will be going.  By Thursday, onshore flow begins to turn on again.  Still warm, but in the mid 80s.  Friday will be in the upper 70s.  By Saturday, the marine layer returns.  Boo.  Fog in the mornings until about 10AM.  And we return to the more typical low of 50F and a high in the low 70s.  The sea breeze will also pick up again for the afternoons.  That looks like the trend for next week.  Some chance for afternoon thunder showers, but that to happen mostly in the interior mountains.  More on that if it develops.  For now, get out and enjoy the coastal warmth.

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