Wednesday, April 30, 2014


What an absolutely gorgeous day.  Upper 80s in town.  Low 80s at the beach.  Who knows how hot it got in the Costco parking lot.  Stunning sunset.  It even felt warm changing road side at dusk.  Surf is super clean and there is a fun combo swell running.  Some beaches are packed, but we had our own stretch of coast today, with just the occasional surfer strolling by on there way to some hidden ledge.  I feel so lucky to live here on these sort of days.  Thursday will be another one.  No real change in the forecast, with Friday back down into the lower 80s.  The weekend we will normalize with highs hovering around 70F.  Maybe a touch cooler as the sea breeze begins to pick back up in the afternoons. There is some model chatter of a rain system trying to reach into our region for early next week, but this thing is not currently looking too impressive.  Say a chance for showers Tuesday.  More on that later.  Enjoy the weather.  It is about as good as it gets.

More swan.

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