Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Swing Vote.

So, it looks like the GFS was the winner on Tuesday.  We received a brief, light shower at our house in the very early morning hours Tuesday.  Just enough to wet the surface of things.  Just a bit more than the fog provides.  Barely.  That was pretty much what we got around the Bay Area.  Boulder Creek ended up with .05 inches, and no where locally recorded a tenth of an inch.  Sequel measured 0.0, and I'd imagine we would need a pretty fancy gauge to record any here.  So, basically, the moisture stayed north and east.  In fact, more to the east.  Napa came in with a trace.  The Sierra received about 6 inches of snow, or a half inch water equivalent.  So, they got something.  Things look real nice today and Thursday.  What ever happened, the fog got pushed out.  That is nice.  It is cool out.  The sea breeze was rocking it yesterday, and we can expect some more wind this afternoon.  Thursday could hit 70F.  Then chances are looking good for some actual rain.

It is spring in Santa Cruz.  

The GFS and the Canadian forecast about the same amount of water, but with different timing and duration.  About a quarter of inch locally, with one plus inches in the Sierra and northern quarter of the state.  Let's start with the GFS.  This morning it brings light rain to Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay for the day on Friday, clearing out late.  Nothing heavy, and likely sporadic, but wet none the less.  The storm is much more concentrated to the north and east, just like this last one.  A foot of snow for the crest.  Get you last powder day on.  The Canadian, on the other hand, has the rain holding off until maybe mid day Friday, with showers filling in for Saturday morning.  It also brings another light amount Sunday afternoon.  Okay, so maybe the Canadian has a little more water, but ultimately, it is more prolonged, lighter showers.  This scenario could drop more significant water in the hills and mountains.  So, the swing vote is the Euro.  I rarely look toward the old continent for guidance, but I did this morning.  She agrees with her old colony.  Rain Friday, clearing for the weekend. Now, I know you weekend loving folks would love to see some fair weather and sunshine.  But, I have my fingers crossed for rain.  And snow.

Splendid Monday and Tuesday.  And for the coming week.  Expect some mid to upper 70s.  More on that and fine tuning the weekend, so check back.

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