Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Confidence building.

Maybe not for you in my forecast, as this morning, we did have fog.  Cold fog.  But it did burn off a bit earlier, and it was quite warm in the side yard around two in the afternoon.  But I am sticking to my guns in the longer term.  Still fog through the rest of this week.  And just a bit cooler than today as a storm moves through well to our north.  Say about 70F.  Chance for clearer weather into the weekend, but fog could persist.  So, yeah, not a whole lot of confidence in the high pressure playing nice with us.  Still a bit hopeful.  And I still see some decent swell arriving later Sunday.  But what I am talking about is the whole chatter about rain next week.

Still looks like showers could move into the north bay and San Francisco late on Monday evening, with showers spreading south and east into Tuesday morning.  Nothing super impressive, but wide spread showers look like they have a good chance, with even moderate precipitation for the foot hills and Sierra Nevada.  Woopee!  Now, we are still 5 plus days out, but with several days of model runs being consistent, I feel good about calling for showery weather next Tuesday.  And much cooler.  Cooler and showery weather sticks around Wednesday before weak high pressure noses in.  Storm door remain open.  Current run suggest rain arrive late on Easter Sunday and fills in to start the following week.  More on that later.  Just get ready for some more water.  Fingers still crossed.

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