Monday, April 28, 2014

Beach Week.

So, yeah, the next few days are going to be off the hook nice.  There will still be a sea breeze tomorrow keeping it in the low 80s.  Wednesday and Thursday should be in the upper 80s with very light winds.  I've got to take the car in Wednesday, which is too bad, because I just want to hit the beach.  They will be those kind of days.  Friday will be a bit cooler, and some fog may develop on the ocean, but it will still be in the upper 70s.  The weekend normalizes.

Spring Pond.  

Probably some light morning fog, but no May Grey yet developing.  It is still April.  Highs drop back into the upper 60s, and over night lows might start to drop below 50F.  Still, it won't be too cold.  I'm going to work on getting our tomatoes in during this week and next.  It is that time of year.  Finally.

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