Friday, April 11, 2014

Fog Bank

I don't hate the fog.  I mean, it is generally good for keeping the morning surf in good shape.  But I don't usually expect to see it settle in in April.  That does not bode well for a summer of growing tomatoes.  This will be my first summer since 2011 that I have had a space to plant these delicious fruit.  Yeah, they are a fruit.  So I am hoping this whole fog thing is just a spring fluke as opposed to an early summer.  We will see, but fog is our forecast for the coming week.  I'm having troubles getting the GFS to load completely this morning, but here is what I am seeing.  That high pressure that was sitting right on top of us this past week has shifted north and set up a summer like gradient, driving on shore flow.  In other words, the fog machine has turned on.  Expect cool, damp mornings followed by breezy, mild afternoons through at least the start of next work week.  Hey, it might keep my lettuce greens from going to seed, so there is that to appreciate.  

A sunny, early spring afternoon.  4 Mile Beach.

By Tuesday of next week, the high pressure center will be well to our north, and theoretically, we would be open to storm activity that could bring rain, and knock the fog out of the region.  Problem is there are no storms upstream.  So the fog will likely linger.  Later in the week, the high will again move south, and into a blocking position, just as more storms arrive and pummel the PNW.  Depending on how all that plays out, we might at least get our sunshine back.  Sorry lettuce.  

So, the surf is looking a little lack luster right now.  We could see a small boost in the swell for Sunday, with windier conditions, and new wind swell, around next Tuesday.  Not an epic forecast by any means.  If you would prefer to get out of the grey, here are two options.  If you ski, go ski.  Weather in the Sierra is looking pretty nice right now, and the corn machine is still going.  Resorts close over the next few weeks, so the season is coming to a close.  Even if you ski tour, unless we get some late April dumpage, the spring melt out is going strong.  Or, you could simply head to the foot hills or wine country.  The wildflowers are going off right now.  Purples, yellows, oranges, reds and more are alive the field of greens.  It is a good time to go for a hike in the two to five thousand foot range.  And it will be warm and sunny there.  Or, just get out in the yard and get some work done.  The nice thing about working on a foggy morning is that it can feel quite pleasant out.  And pray for rain.  We are still in the hole big time. We basically saw no change with the water from the last system, so, if you have not already, start conserving.  Things are going to get tight.

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