Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summer to hold off a few days more.

Looking at the GFS this morning was interesting.  Way different forecast than just 36 hours ago.  Big change in the short term is it looks like the fog machine may hold off its development for a few days more.  So, if that is on point, sun through the work week.  The coming weekend, well, that still looks like grayness ensues.  Still shooting for high 70s today.  More loveliness.  A bit cooler Wednesday and Thursday.  Speaking of cooler, the overnight lows will be sliding into the upper 40s.  Say, mid 70s for daytime highs.  And Just about 70F on Friday, if we can avoid clouds developing from the passing system.  Still no rain.  But don't forget to check out the mid term forecast.

The ridge will flatten by the coming weekend (at least I have some confidence this will occur) and when that happens, we se the marine layer begin to set up and fill in overnight on Friday.  Still calling out a "boo" on this one.  I mean, it is not even May Grey season yet!  Looks like the fog will last through at least the middle of next week.  Grey mornings and breezy afternoons will keep the temps cool.  Mid 60s.  What is of some interest, is the chance for a break through of the jet by as early the end of next week.  No confidence in this just yet, but the models are suggesting a low pressure developing and rain possibly returning to the area.  Fingers crossed that something like this happens as we still need water.  Anyway, nothing too promising, but it is not completely out of the question.

In the meantime, there is some moderate surf out there.  Clean conditions in the morning with the off shore winds.  I just surfed down south, and found some smaller, but fun sized surf.  And clean.  Swell slowly drops through the week, and wind chop builds into the weekend, so get out on in now while it is in good shape.  Even a touch of south swell starting to show up in the water to let us know we are swiftly moving into spring and summer.  And if that is not your thing, the corn cycle is in full swing up in the Sierra.  Whether you choose to ride lifts or hit the skin track, the snow is looking like prime spring conditions with overnight lows just about at freezing and daytime highs in the mid 50s.  While fog won't make it nearly to the mountains, we could see some moisture, clouds and maybe a quick thunder shower late Friday and maybe on Saturday.  If you are out on the hit Friday afternoon, keep an eye out for some dark grey clouds, and get low if you here any rumbles.  Been almost a year since I've been on the bike, but a few friends have reported back that the trails are in killer shape right now, and with the finally getting some water in the ground, the hills are alive with green.

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