Monday, April 21, 2014

Ho Hum, Spring Again.

So, yeah, that whole rain thing.  I never said specifically here, when I exclaimed goodness yes.  This morning's models suggest this thing just scraping by to our north.  Not like the last five runs that had the jet jetting just to our north.  That whole jet jetting scenario would have brought modest rain to Santa Cruz.  With everything shifted north, and the way we are tucked on the south side of the local mountains, we could find ourselves nicely shadowed from the rain.  I'd expect at least some light showers in the Santa Cruz Mountains, though.  And of course, this afternoon's model run could return to the more southerly track.  But like I said yesterday, we are not expecting much.  But every drop of water is welcome.  The West Side Pump Track could use a sprinkle or two.  It was feeling dusty yesterday.  Anyway, I'll look at the models this afternoon and take a look at the rest of the week later today.  Gotta go.  Sun is shining.

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