Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Told ya.

Sun sure felt nice on the face this morning.  We are up in the snow, and it was stunning early on.  Clouds have filled back in here and flurries returned.  Likely feels pretty warm down in Santa Cruz.  I imagine the sun is still out down there.  Similiar tomorrow.  Maybe a touch cooler.  Another storm is lined up to come into the coast, but it looks like it will break apart just before it comes on shore.  A good portion will run into the northern end of the state, but we should stay dry.  But do expect some clouds, and a chance for showers, say early Friday morning.  Then the high pressure fills in.

Again from two weeks ago.  There is snow hanging every where today.  Kirkwood, California.

Gonna make this short and sweet, as I need to get cleaning up around here and prepping for evening sled run.  Warmth is on the way.  Sunday will boost into the low to mid 70s.  Would not be surprised with 80s by Wednesday.  Some say more rain is possibly bound for us late next week.  Or the bubble wins out.  Either way, it looks like we will get some onshore winds and cooler temps after hump day.  More on that later.  Enjoy this coming weekend.  Will be nice on the coast.  And there is plenty of new snow on the hills, but expect pretty much spring conditions by this weekend.

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