Monday, March 31, 2014

A fairly wet start of the week, with a chance to linger.

Gonna make it short and sweet this morning.  Headed to the snow with the boy to escape the damp here on the coast.  Clouds this morning, with rain on the way.  We could make it through most of the day without seeing any serious precipitation.  Though, showers are likely, and we will likely linger in the upper 50s.  Colder air fills in this evening.  And rain.  It will have a chill to it tonight.  Might want to run that heater.  Currently looks like a rainy day tomorrow.  Especially through the morning hours.  Cool again tomorrow, but hitting 60F would not be shocking.  Another wave from this system pushes down the late Tuesday night, providing us with more rain.  Showers could linger on Wednesday.  Low 60s.  Sun comes out late or on Thursday.  Mid 60s.

Been a week of sun and a week of three feet of snow on this face.  Wonder what it looks like now.

Late Thursday another system drops out of the gulf.  This one is breaking up just off shore.  Maybe showers early Friday.  Warming through the weekend as high pressure fills in.  As that happens we will leap to the upper 60s, maybe even low 70s to start next week.  Chance for more rain by the end of that week, though.  Rain is good, but the sunny weekend coming up will sure be nice.

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