Saturday, March 1, 2014

It feels about right.

Been a while since I've seen a rain like that.  Kind of a nice test on the drainage of my partially built yard.  I was thinking I could have done better when I saw my puddles this morning.  Not quite draining fast enough.  Then I walked out onto the street and along the railroad tracks and realized I must have done a pretty good job, because my puddles made the ones out in the real world look like oceans.  That ground is saturated, and will take a while to drain off.  Breaks of blue started to show around noon as the rain let up.  We could still see showers breaking out through the afternoon, but chances are slim.  We might even get to see a little sun Sunday morning.  Get out an explore puddles and creeks in the morning, as chances for showers increase through the afternoon tomorrow.  And speaking of creeks, give them some room.  Don't fall in.  They are moving quite swiftly right now.  And speaking of not falling in, watch your self near the ocean.  We have a moderate, but high energy, west-southwest swell hammering the coast.  Not looking all that great for surfing, but east winds are cleaning things up.  The ocean surface that is.  Water is still super dirty right now.

Water Fowl.  Or at least it usually is after a bunch of run off.  Har, har.

GFS continues to keep most of the next two storms just to our north.  The Canadian has us in the bulls eye.  I'm thinking it will play out like this.  First, don't put that rain coat away.  Chance for showers pretty much every day this week.  Sunday could have some.  Monday night, into Tuesday morning could have some heavier showers.  Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday could have some clearing, but we will continue to see clouds and the chance for a shower.  By early Thursday, another storm brushes out north with moderate rains for the southern Cascades.  If it dips a bit further south, we could see another inch.  It is not until Friday that we are out of the woods.  Not saying it is going to be five more days of super wet conditions, but just keep your rain gear handy.

Next weekend looks pleasant.  Suggestion of more storms by mid month continues.  Two to three feet around Tahoe on the ground from the past few days.  Snow showers this week, and an easy drive next week.  Should be an easy decision.  We also look like we could have some surf on the way this coming week.  All in all, it feels about right.  Welcome back old friend.  Winter.

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