Monday, March 10, 2014

Put that sun tan lotion on.

Hey.  Sorry I forgot to mention this wind.  Still pretty nice out there today, as we stay a bit warmer and drier than expected as that system last night skirted by just a bit too far north to get us wet.  That is the end of it for a while.  No, winter is not over yet, but the next week plus is going to be mostly sunny.  I don't see the fog filling in just yet, but I'll keep an eye out for that.  But here is the break down.  Strong north west sea breeze today and the storm moves through to our north and east.  Warm.  Tonight will be in the mid 40s.  Cool, not cold.  Winds subside.  Then things get good.  I mean, real good.

Some Christmas Cheer with December light.

The rest of the week will be warm.  Low to mid 70s.  Light morning winds, with some afternoon sea breezes.  Not as gusty as today, though.  By the weekend, as low pressure system will begin to develop just north west of here.  The super high bubble will force this system back north into the Canadian coast while pumping in warm air from the southwest.  Yup, the weekend is going to be gangbusters.  As nice as this past Sunday, or even better.  Could we see 80s.  As the high pressure flattens next week, temps will moderate back into the low 70s.

Long term forecast always lack confidence.  Still, we have been seeing a consistency for a few days now that would suggest this high pressure will migrate toward the Gulf of Alaska and begin to allow cold air to move south from Canada.  Middle of next week, we begin to cool, perhaps.  It looks like some moisture will flow in as well.  Light at first, as the high will still be too far east to allow much over water trajectory.  If, and when, the high shifts further west, more rain and snow will fall.  And it could get quite cold.  As always, will keep an eye out on this as it develops.  For now, it is like super awesome out.  Go get some.

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