Monday, March 3, 2014

Mo' Showers.

Seriously, it really does finally feel like winter around here.  A warm winter, but winter none the less.  A grey day with out rain is by definition a fine day in the past, and current week.  And the run of sunny weather looks like it will need to wait until past this coming weekend.  It is not rain every day for the nest eight days, but it certainly is not all sun.  But before we get into that, let's talk water and snow briefly.  Two to three and a half feet of snow fell over the Sierra Nevada around Tahoe so far this wet period that began last Wednesday.  More than five inches of rain has been recorded in the Santa Lucia and southern state coastal ranges.  We are not out of the drought, but this round has been better for the state's water issues than the AR event a few weeks back.  With a few more of these type of systems, we could at least not be getting worse this year.  And my fingers are crossed for a strong El Nino developing by next fall issuing in a year of wetness we have not seen in a decade.  Or at least as wet as 2010/11.  That was good year, in part because it lasted into June.  But, we were talking about this coming week.

Slow going headed into Kirkwood this past Sunday. 

More showers today, with more tonight.  A decent cell is sitting just off shore to our northwest, and should be moving over us by later this afternoon.  Nothing as strong as last Friday night, but rain none the less.  It stays mild with over night lows just above 50F and afternoon highs just above 60F.  Tuesday will be less wet, but no promise of dry.  Wednesday starts dry, but more moisture streams in by evening.   Most of these systems will be north of us, and the Thursday system will likely pull in warmer air.  Showers begin to clear by Friday, but there is now chances of another system by later on Sunday.  After that it looks like high pressure will pump in.  Say around Tuesday.  Dry through mid month.  Or something like that.  All said and done, another inch of rain in SF, a bit less down here, and 2.5 for parts of NorCal.  Socal stays dry this round.

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