Monday, March 24, 2014

A wet week in store.

Really good news folks.  This run of dry sunny warm weather is coming to an end.  Next few days play out as thus.  Clouds fill in overnight.  Tuesday begins off in the mid 40s and warms into the low 60s.  Very low.  Sporadic showers fill in from the north, likely crossing Santa Cruz in the evening.  North Bay commuters should plan on an afternoon rain.  It currently looks like showers will remain light overnight, but fill in a bit Wednesday morning.  If you travel the hill, expect extra fun (or slow your roll weather) in the morning.  Day begins in the upper 40s and warms to the upper 50s.  Maybe 60F.  Light to moderate rain persist through most of the day.  You can expect breaks in the the rain, but likely just brief ones.  Watch the radar, but plan your day accordingly.  Could be a good day to go view fish at the Aquarium.  Temps about the same through at least Saturday.  We remain right on the shower line during the day Thursday, so we could still be a little wet.  Looks like the showers will lift north for Friday.  Thing is, a lot of rain is looking to fall north of us.  Maybe eight inches in Brookings, on the southern Oregon coast, by Sunday.  Two inches or more along the coast north of Point Arena.  An inch in Marin.  Two to three inches from Shasta to Tahoe.  That is several feet of snow along the crest.  I mean, this could be a nice run of water for the state.  Another dent perhaps.

Big Dipper.  Oldest wooden rollercoaster on the West Coast.

In town a half inch or more of rain is reasonable.  The mountains will get more.  We could see some runoff, especially in paved areas.  A boost to the creeks and water falls.  Expect bacteria counts to increase at your favorite surf breaks.  And sand bars to improve.  It will feel warmer on Friday and Saturday with the decrease in cloud cover.  Don't get me wrong.  We are real close to the moisture plume that will continue through this time period.  We could see continued rain.  We are still 4-5 days out, during spring, on this.  A lot can change.  Still looks like a storm digging further south starting Sunday.  Now looks like a one-two punch, with the second wave coming Monday afternoon.  Could carry some cold air with it by then and some copious rain.  And we are not necessarily in the clear after that.  So, a winter week lay ahead.  Hope I have given you ample warning.

So, I will get more into the whole upcoming weekend thing soon.  Maybe take a closer look after this system. But plan for showers filling in tomorrow.  Much cooler than today.  Wednesday looks rainy.  Thursday more showery.  Friday clearing.  Saturday nice.  Another storm arrives Sunday and lasts through Tuesday.  Maybe a day of sun after that, and then more rain.  Feeling hopeful.


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