Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Big changes in timing. So I think.

Right now looks like the heaviest rain will fall during the daylight hours tomorrow.  Likely some more light rain tonight.  We had a quick threat of showers around 1PM, then decent showers from about 4 to 5PM.  Grey out there right now.  Cool tomorrow.  Like today, but with less sun and stronger south winds.  Blustery perhaps.  Clearing out through Thursday morning.  Looks like that high might try to nose in Friday, but barely.  Expect decent cloud cover.  Could be the warmest day of the week.  Might see 65F.  Then the next round has sped up.  Saturday looks like a wet one.  Here is the difference.

Just chilling on a calm day, barking and playing away.  Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz.

We have backed off on precip for this current system.  Perhaps a quarter inch added up between what has already fallen, and everything until it wraps up maybe late Thursday.  Saturday we could see the same total.  Just during the day.  Add in the lingering stuff, and it begins to add up.  It now looks like things will clear out mid day Sunday before another round arrives late Monday along with a colder airmass.   Man, it just keeps changing.

Do you ski?  Have you written off winter?  Could be a good weekend coming up.  A refresh tomorrow could put a foot of snow on the resorts and two feet along the crest.  Mid week skiers will pack that down and create a nice mid winter surface for shussing.  Add another foot plus of powder on Saturday, and you have fun storm day skiing.  Hell, it might even go bluebird for you on Sunday.  Winter ain't over yet.  And thankfully so.  We do need that water.

Anyway, looks wet during the day Wednesday.  Plan accordingly.   Could be clear(ish) by Thursday afternoon.  Friday looks decent.  Some clouds, but dry(er) and warm(er).  Now looks like Saturday could be a moderately to very wet day.  Hopes for some sun later Sunday.  Colder air and more rain arrives late Monday.

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