Sunday, March 16, 2014

Classic Sierra Corn Cycle or Surf's Up!

California is gold right now.  A solid swell hitting the coast today.  I can tell you that is true as we spent last evening and this morning at the beach.  The inside barrel last night on the low tide was sick, I tell ya.  And the tide pools were even better.  High tide this morning paired with larger swells made for more adventure.  Up in the mountains, we are seeing overnight freezes, and warm, sunny days yielding great corn cycles on E-S-W facing slopes.  Other than a few runs with my son on Friday, I have not been out in either recently.  Just an observer.  But it sure has looked like fun.  Hope you found something enjoyable to do this past weekend and enjoyed a bit of the fine weather.  Thing is, it looks like it will continue.  Wind came up today, and that will be with us for a bit.  It is spring after all.  None the less, the week ahead looks nice.

These folks enjoy napping in this fine weather.  

Just about a high of 70F for the work week.  Maybe a ouch cooler toward the end.  Mid 40s for a low.  Nothing surprising there.  Winds will remain on shore out of the north west, which will keep the breezier locations cooler.  At the beach I was at today, we were out in the wind, due to the high water.  But as the tide dropped, we tucked up behind a cliff not 50 yards away.  It felt 20 degrees warmer out of the wind.  So, yeah, it will be like that.  The breeze will be lightest in the mornings, but it looks like it will stick around most of the week.  Monday might be a good day to take a kite out at Scotts and play with some energy.  If you like that sort of thing.  Anyway, swell will mellow by Tuesday.  By the weekend, the day time highs may be a bit cooler. Wet weather is still on the charts for the 25th, but keeps on slowly backing away.  What is noticeable is the size of this high pressure as it gets pumped up over the next ten days.  Who knows, maybe the bubble will burst.  Today's run suggested something big building.  That would be cool.

Whatever.  At least ten days of good weather on tap.  Yard work, afternoon hikes, morning strolls, beach time, stoop time, bench time, for the next ten days.  Enjoy it.  And pray for that rain to come again.  Another good dumping would sure feel nice.

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