Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Keep on suggesting a return to wetter weather.

Just keep on suggesting it, and it may come true.  Just like that.  Fine weather this week continues.  It may even begin to get a bit warmer through the weekend, as low pressure develops in the Gulf of Alaska and pumps warm up underneath it.  What we can count on for sure is a nice warm Wednesday.  We could see 75F, with lighter sea breezes in the forecast.  Warm air will try to move in to maintain that temperature, but the building seabreezes will chill things off.  Wind could go slack on Saturday, as the aforementioned low develops.  I hear there is going to be a decent head high plus long period swell showing up on Saturday and building into Sunday.  That could be fun with slack winds.  Funny year.  Anyway, the weather will be mostly nice.  Anyway, warm Wednesday, then a bit cooler through the end of the work week.  Weekend could warm up again depending how the low moves.

It must be spring.  Where I grew up the lady bugs showed up in spring.  This must be their winter home.

Game day for this storm will be Tuesday into Wednesday.  Right now we are on the souther end of the storm track forecast.  That would give us drizzles to light rain.  That could easily change.  Beyond that system, the forecast models remain progressive, bringing storms increasing south.  That would me heavier rain and stronger winds for us.  That brings us through April Fool's Day, so there is that.  Anyway, this beautiful weather will change.  If it is going to be cold and windy, it mind as well dump buckets.

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