Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On track.

Around 9AM this morning I was thinking I blew the forecast on rain amounts.  I mean, it was dumping out.  Then, things started to dry up quickly around 10AM.  Rain continued off and on through the early evening hours, but since then it has been pretty dry in town.  Some stars out tonight, but clouds hang on the local peaks.  Maybe a few passing showers on the right up hill slope, but for the most part, this things is passing.  Now, the chance for showers persist the next few days.  But it is not likely Thursday.  Maybe a touch warmer than today, as there will be a bit more sun.  Perhaps.  The air mass remains moist though.  Friday is a little warmer, but it will also be more humid.  Still, rain will likely hold off until Saturday morning or so.

Middle Peak, Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz.  Look closely, it is well overhead.

Could be a real wet day Saturday.  And cool again, with highs similiar to today.  I mis-wrote last night and suggested a quarter inch, when I should have said more like an half inch.  It will be swift.  Kind of like this thing was, but more clearly pulling out quickly.  Sunday might have some morning showers, but it also looks like the stars will be out for night fall.  Back up into the mid 60s.  And it still looks like another storm showing up on Monday and filling in through the day.  This one could bring some cold air.  So, no big changes.  Maybe some more lingering showery weather through the week.  Still maybe more behind that.  Nothing too big, but Monday's system could bring another quarter to a half inch.  What is impressive is the bullseye near the OR border with over nine inches of rain by Monday midnight.  And there is likely rain falling after that.  Tahoe could be seeing two to three inches by then.  They already got 6 to 16 inches from this current storm.  We are getting a little water.  And the skiing should be improving as well.

Anyway, gotta get to sleep.  Decent weather Thursday and Friday.  Could be getting wet late Friday, but pretty sure Saturday will be like this morning.  As in moderate rain.  Sunday could be the best bet at sun this week, and maybe Monday morning.  Next storm arrives Monday and last into Tuesday.  Perhaps showers to follow.  Not a lot of sunshine in the forecast.  Only much needed rain.

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