Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Godsend.

This rain today sure feels nice.  Not too cold.  Not too heavy.  But it isn't just showers.  Over an inch in the last 24 hours in Ben Lomond, and about a third of an inch in town.  San Francisco is sitting just shy of an inch, and will for sure go over that tonight.  There is a pretty good size area of moderate rain sitting on top of us right now.  Looks like Monterey and the south portion of the bay are about to get hammered.  Rain will subside overnight, and we are looking at a good chance for some sun on Sunday.  Colder air in place will keep temps in the low 60s.  So thee is a chance to get out and enjoy some sunshine.  It will be wet, so put on the stomping boots and go looking for puddles, rainbows and waterfalls.  Might even see a unicorn tomorrow. Who knows.  Stranger things have happened in Santa Cruz.  Regardless, it is looking like a stellar day, especially if you enjoy photography.  Surf might even clean up a bit to move from the pure utility and exercise realm and into the one of fun.  Next system is hot in this ones heels.

Nap Time.

This one has a few slightly different scenarios showing up in the models right now.  Little doubt we will see rain developing late morning or early afternoon on Monday.  Some models suggest a direct hit, others suggest that as the storm comes ashore, it splits. One portion falling apart on top of us, and the other driving south along the coast and hitting L.A.  Scenario number one delivers us moderate to heavy rain to our region again.  Scenario number two delivers moderate rain to the coast, but not much moving inland.  I'm betting on something between the two for now, so expect another period of rain, similiar to today's, for mid day Monday and Monday night.  Maybe a bit less water falling.  And with even colder air.  Now, it will be April, so this won't be that bone chilling stuff we can sometimes see in December.  Showers look to persist through early Tuesday, and maybe even reaching into the afternoon.  Temps will be in the high 50s, unless the sun breaks out and helps warm things up.  Then there will be Wednesday.  Glorious Wednesday.  The day the storm breaks.  Gonna be a nice one I tell you.  Next round of storms could stay north of us.  If that is the case, expect some drying and warming through the week.  Could pop back into the upper 60s for Friday.  That is if the storms stay north.  If they don't, then showers could be on the menu Thursday and Friday, and temps will be cooler with the cloud cover.  But Wednesday looks like a sure bet.  For now.  Better check back.

Long term has a high pressure developing and sticking around for at least a few days.  The end of the following week, we could see more storms.  April could be relatively wet through mid month.  Like I said.  A Godsend.  We need this water.  And the dents are getting bigger.  Hopefully we can a put a hole in this drought.

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