Friday, March 21, 2014

So, yeah, uh, that whole fog thing.

So I did put in an edit this morning.  When I wrote my post yesterday, I really did not see that coming.  I had juts looked at the visible, and there was nothing out there mid day.  Still, I saw it coming in yesterday afternoon, and felt it yesterday evening.  And it was thick this morning.  Some high clouds was more like a shroud of damp.  Hope you did not leave the newspaper out on the deck.  Anyway, it looks like this summer like weather will persist at least through the weekend.  Good news if you are trying to score a mid day surf.  Bad news if you like sunshine.  I tell you, I think my garden enjoyed it this morning.  Anyway, more cool weather this weekend.  Like today.  Still a chance of a Monday warm up, but I don't expect much beyond 70F.  And then that gets slammed in the face with a cold front.

Big Ron and a glass of red by the sea.

Still looking like we will have a system Tuesday through late Wednesday or early Thursday, and then another for the coming late in the weekend.  This mornings run has the first one a bit wetter and further south than the previous day's run.  Good news for water.  The Sunday system also looks stronger, and like it could last several days and blend with the potential third system.  I'll have more on all this by later this weekend.  But it looks like we could see some wet periods moving through the next ten days starting on Tuesday.  Please, please, please.

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