Saturday, March 22, 2014

Panning out nicely for wet solution.

Yeah, yeah, more of the same tomorrow and Monday.  Maybe warming up compared to today.  Maybe 70F on Monday, but likely not that warm.  It will all depend on that fog bank.  Expect it back for Sunday.  If the developing low pressure in the Gulf of Alaska can suppress it on Monday, it might fell warm indeed.  GFS speeds up storm number one for next week.  Now, just to note, this things still does not look terribly wet or terribly cold.  If you were planning on planting seedlings this weekend, you can still go for it.  But we are running into a wet and cool period.  If you don't have anything going in the ground Sunday, no need to run out to the store just yet.

Bird.  In water.  4 Mile Beach.  Santa Cruz.

First, I want to say this wet period is nothing as severe as the last one.  Sure, we will accumulate some more water, which is very good, and we may see water running in the streets, but it does not look like there will be torrential periods.  Rain moves south down the coast on Tuesday.  North coast in the morning hours and passing San Francisco around noon thirty.  Here just a bit later.  Fine tuning will be needed.  Rain becomes more persistent overnight.  A second wave reenforces Wednesday evening.  Showers clear out early on Thursday.  About a quarter inch locally in the hills.  A bit more in the city.  The bullseye for this round hits the crest from Tahoe north.  It will bring cold air.  Low 60s on Tuesday, and maybe staying in the upper 50s on Wednesday.  Rebound begins Thursday and mid to upper 60s return for Friday.  Or something like that.  Again, I'll fine tune.  But confidence is high we will see some rain mid next week.  And #2 is still on the charts, so more to come, likely late next weekend.  And still maybe something after that.  How cool.

So, at the very least, use your free time over the next two days to clean up the yard and wrap up projects.  If you are like me, you have been busy this winter, taking advantage of the dry weather, and tending to some outside work.  Tidy up and focus on inside for a bit.  It is not going to get super wet, but a quarter inch is enough to wet the surface for a while.  I know I need to clean out the crawl space.  Too much wood lying around down there.  Anyway, next Friday/Saturday will likely be dry, but with more rain likely coming, it might just be time to shift gears.  On the other hand, if you were planning on spreading some lettuce, or greens, seed, might want to get to that just before the rain.  Nothing like Ma Nature's showers to help germinate those little things.  Fair the next two day.  Monday could even be nice.  Stormy conditions filling in Tuesday and pulling out Thursday.  Fair Friday and Saturday, and maybe Sunday morning.  More storms to follow.

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