Sunday, March 23, 2014

'Member that whole progressive thing? Well...

Each run gets a little wetter with this next on up stream.  GFS is now calling for over half an inch through Saturday morning.  Tomorrow still looking like a winner with light winds, moderate swell and topping out at just about 70F.  Sounds nice.  Tuesday will have increasing clouds.  Right now it looks like rain will hold off through noon or so.  I'll try to fine tune that tomorrow, but plan on a wet evening commute.  Showers push from north to south, increasing to moderate rain overnight.  That is round one.  Highs in the low 60s.  Cool, but not cold.  The heart of this system is around Seattle, so the cold core is still well north.  Breaks in the showers, and even maybe some sun during the day on Wednesday.  A little cooler than Tuesday.  Then reinforcements arrive late in the day.  We may even see sporadic heavy rain overnight Wednesday.  The cold core will shift south, closer to us, but that big ocean next door will keep our temps mild.  It will be getting colder in the Sierra.  Overall, they see a foot a snow.  North portions of the state see and inch or more of water.  Good news there.

Fishing boat by the flagship.  4 Mile Beach, Santa Cruz.

Rain looks to persist through much of the day Thursday, and we may even see some showers lasting overnight or into Friday morning.  High noses in a bit late in the week.  Still looks like the second storm will be hitting on Sunday and the models keep intensifying that things.  We could see wide spread copious rain and some cold.    Could.  More on that later.  Just be ready for a wet few days ahead.

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