Friday, March 7, 2014

Finest Kind.

Of weather that is.  Damn nice out there today.  We had to run a bunch of errands, so a hike in the hills will have to wait till Sunday.  Can't wait to be on a stroll through the redwoods in search of tumbling water.  I know a few places my son and I can easily get to.  Anyway, that is a few days away.  Today is warm out there.  Still on track for an even warmer day on Saturday.  And it is finally wet out there for the most part.  Plants are a coming up, and the world is green.  This is a good time right now to get some spring veggies in the ground.  Nothing too tender, like eggplant or tomato, but a broccoli would do well.  We have fava about a foot high, with brussels about to sprout.  Peas and lettuce round out our garden.  All that could still be planted and get going before the sun gets too strong.  And it will be a nice weekend to go out and work the yard.  With the moisture in the ground, seedlings should have no issue taking hold.

Winter light is on the wane.

Update for today is that fine weather should hold through the day on Sunday.  The storm coming over night will be just to our north, diving south east.  The west slope of the Sierra will get over a half inch of precipitation.  Not a big storm, but more than just some light showers.  We will have much less rain and as far north as Big Sur will likely be dry.  But it does look like we might get hit a bit harder than I was thinking.  That last system literally just brushed us.  This one may give a bit more precipitation.  Maybe a quarter inch.  Never enough, but better than nothing.  Things still clear up on Monday and a good week lay ahead.  Warm even.  Maybe hot in a few spots.  Still chatter about a pattern change to cold, and maybe rain, around mid month.  For now, go out and enjoy the weekend!

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