Friday, March 28, 2014

It might be sunny next Wednesday...

Hope you are all ready for the good dose of grey we are getting right now.  Consider it practice for the summertime fog bank.  Kind of feels that way outside right now.  Not too cool.  Almost humid feeling.  But it won't be feeling like summer for very long.  Keep your fingers crossed and it will keep the rain at bay today.  Right now a large, wet storm is moving south along the coastline.  Rain is again falling in Washington, making for increased challenge with the search and rescue  work going on in Oso.  Hearts going out to the folks dealing with that tragedy.  Here in Santa Cruz we won't see that sort of devastation, but we will get some decent rain next few days.  Somewhere in the order of 1.5 to 2 inches here in town.  More in the local hills and points north and east.  The Sierra Crest could see upwards of three inches (that is 3 feet of snow, yo!) and there is a bullseye right around Lassen National Park with 9.5 inches of precipitation.  That is much needed rain.

He takes handouts.  Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz.

Here are the details.  Clouds today.  Should continue to feel pretty cool out unless the sun breaks out.  I would love to see a short break of sun today, but I won't be holding my breath.  By tomorrow morning, the rain should be impacting the north bay.  Heavy rain.  We might be able to hold off until noon, but once the rain does come, we can expect several hours of heavy rain.  And strong south winds.  It will be a stormy day Saturday.  The storm will bring some colder air, but not terribly cold.  Low 60s perhaps.  Sunday morning we could see some lingering showers, but expect mostly clouds for the day.  Next round is expected to show up early Monday.

Current model runs suggest the strong storm for Monday will show up mid morning.  So, you commute types might still have an easy morning drive.  Don't expect that to be the case for Monday evening.  More strong south winds and heavy rain should be wide spread by evening.  And this one is packing some cold air.  We could be hovering in the upper 50s on Monday.  All in all, this is really good news for our water issues.  Still not going to be enough to knock us out of drought, but it is moving us in the right direction.  Rain subsides on Tuesday.  And as of today, it looks like it might even be sunny on Wednesday and warming into the mid 60s.  But that is still a long ways off, so, you never know.  But know what?  There is another small system forecast for Thursday, so it is not like it is high and dry.  So there is that to consider.

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