Thursday, March 6, 2014

Clearing weather and fun surf on tap.

Some high clouds out there.  A little water was trickling down toward the ocean this morning.  By noon, it had slowed into puddles.  And it felt quite warm, as long as you were out in the sun.  Not hot, but warm none the less.  Some high clouds persist, and some fog hangs on the water.  And the surf in town if running about head high.  Should be fun as the tide drops in the evening.  The west side had a little wind outside the kelp around noon, but it was glassy up north in the morning.  More of the same tomorrow?  Looks like it.  Fog pulls in tonight, with mild temperatures in the upper 40s.  Friday will be foggy in the morning, especially right along the coast.  That peels out before noon, and things will warm up into the upper 60s.  Saturday looks the same, but perhaps a bit warmer.  Let's call it 70F.  Fingers crossed.  Sunday starts off looking even better except for the fact you will lose an hour Sunday night.  Don't forget to spring forward your clocks one hour.  Partly cloudy day, but fog will likely be kept out to bay.  Another warm one with a good chance of getting into the (very) low 70s.


That will be dependent on this next system staying well north until late in the day or early evening.  Some light showers could pass through early Monday morning.  It will be a touch cooler as well.  Mid 60s or so.  Clouds likely.  Especially in the morning.  Will keep an eye out for fog, but Tuesday through the end of the week look sunny and warm.

In short, great few days to go out on a hike.  I must emphasize the water falls being the best they have been in over a year.  Go find some.  And please, please, please, don't forget to adjust your clocks.  Sunday afternoon could be wet, as could Monday.  Clear after that.

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