Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gonna be an epic surf week.

It is damn nice out there right now.  Damn nice.  Low 70s all this week.  Upper 40s overnight as a low.  Not a whole lot to report new.  People are out working in the yard.  Good week for that.  Great week for growing produce as well.  Sun is warm out there, especially in south facing areas.  A bit cooler down by the water, but that is to be expected. Morning breezes are shifting E-NE through the week.  So, that is a good thing.  Some residual swell in the water keeping things chest high in town, a bit bigger further west.  New swell arrives on Wednesday.  Could be a nice decent sized long period westerly.  Gang busters.  More arrives through the weekend, and again late Sunday, with size building early next week.  That is if the models are running correctly. And if they are, our weather will be gangbusters.

Lighthouse Field, all lit up.

Warm up still expected for the weekend.  It will be a warmer warmer inland, but the coast is going to be quite nice in the mid to upper 70s.  Good stuff.  It will cool off the beginning of next week, and by the middle of next week, we could see some cold air move in.  Like high temps in the upper 50's by Thursday.  But that is 10 days out, so don't go counting chickens.  Fingers crossed for some cold snow up on the mountains.  Wouldn't be nice to get some snow around the Monterey Bay peaks before we close out winter?  For now, enjoy the fine, fine weather.

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