Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spectacular Evening Abounds.

It is seriously gorgeous out there right now, with the textured ski, and the late day, late winter light easing through.  If you like to take pictures, grab your camera and go.  Anywhere.  Along the coast.  In the hills.  Downtown.  The light is sick.  And if you don't like to take pictures, that is even better, because you can just enjoy the view.  Steamer Lane is pumping this afternoon, classic style.  I'm sure the mass will be on it, but there did not seem to be too many when I drove by around 1:45.  It was warm today when the sun poked out.  That is March.  Showers may fill in tonight as a system pushes through to our north.  With the air mass already moist, I imagine we will get something.  Maybe a showery morning on Thursday.  Likely clouds.  In the 60s, but how far will depend on how much the sun comes out.  As for water, we are looking at a tenth of an inch or so.  Point Arena an inch, the CA/OR border 5 inches, Seattle 7 inches.  So, yeah, we are on the southern fringe.  The crest will be lucky to get a foot in the best locations.

I discovered how hard it is to get a capture of Humpbacks from a ponga bouncing in the whale waves.

Still looks warm and sunny for Friday and Saturday, with rain possible Sunday.  Showers Monday, then a week or so of high pressure.  So, enjoy these last few wet days while they are around.  This is rainbow weather, if you did not already know that.  It is quite nice out in a light shower.  Things smell cleaner.  The air feels crisper.  Puddles abound.  There is no dust.  Water is flowing.  And falling.  This wet season is far from over, but the way things have been going, I would not be surprised if the dry spell last much longer than a week.  There is talk of chances, but that is just what they are.  Enjoy the rain tomorrow, and pray we get some Sunday, cause after that, nothing is on the charts.  Just sun.

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