Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ah man, is it gonna get nice out.

First off, the rain.  Came in hard for an hour Friday afternoon.  Now if something like that stuck around for a day, or a week, we would make real progress in fighting the drought.  As it is, we made another small dent.  More on that when the next report get released.  Anyway, showers occurred across the region this morning, but things cleared out later in the day.  The Sierra had few sporadic snow showers through the day, but mostly a little sunshine to close out Kirkwood and Squaw.  I think the only game left in town is Alpine weekends. unless you fancy driving to Mammoth.  They have committed to Memorial Day.  If it is beach weather you want, then just stick here in town.

Remember this guy?  Swan.

Monday is going to be sunny and warm.  Sure, there will be a brisk afternoon sea breeze, but mid 70s are not bad.  But when you compare that to Tuesday, well, it is sub par.  Low 80s Tuesday.  By Tuesday night, our over night lows will begin to hover in the mid 50s.  You know what that means, don't ya?  Tomato planting season.  Upper 80s Wednesday.  A few parts of town could hit 90F.  No kidding.  Part of what is happening is the on shore flow is stopping.  Light winds for the middle of the week.  Of course that kind of weather will never last in Santa Cruz.  By Friday we will be back into the upper 70s, and we could see much cooler weather, on shore breezes, and fog returning for the next weekend.

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