Monday, April 21, 2014

Go Canadians.

I just like their models better right now.  They suggest some rain for Tuesday.  The GFS keeps it just north of here. They have the line pretty much at the Golden Gate.  The Canadian has it in Big Sur.  Being outside this afternoon, I believe the Canadian.  Feels like a storm is moving in.  Clouds look like they carry rain as well.  And I'm hopeful.  Best be prepared.  Both models have us clearing out on Wednesday and Thursday.  And they both have another system showing up for Friday.  So, Tuesday will be cool, cloudy and breezy with a chance for showers, greatest in the morning hours.  Wednesday and Thursday will have mostly sunshine and warming back up to just about 70F.  Friday cools off again.

Surf has stayed fun sized and them popped up to well overhead yesterday.  This week looks fun.

And here is where I like the Canadian again.  It holds the rain off until later Friday night, but gives us a wallop over the weekend, especially mid day Saturday, with showers lingering Sunday.  The GFS brings the system in quicker on Friday, delivers less water and has just the annoyance of showers on Saturday morning.  While I like a fair weekend like any other, we could really use the water deliver that is forecast by our friends to the north.  Hopefully we see more agreement as we get closer.  And we will know by this time tomorrow who wins with the current system impacting us.  After next weekend, looks like we get set up in another spring pattern, but perhaps a little less marine layer than last week.

Anyway, be ready for a few showers Tuesday morning.  Might escape getting wet though.  Mid week looks really nice, with a good chance for more inclement conditions starting Friday.  

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