Thursday, April 17, 2014

More of the same for the weekend. Big pattern change developing to start next week.

Once again, if you have pulled out that summer yard furniture, you may want to get it put back inside.  The next few days are more or less a variation of today.  Afternoon highs peak at about 70F.  Onshore breezes build during the day.  Fog moves in late, around midnight.  Morning lows just about 50F.  Fog burns off just about noon.  Kind of boring.  Slight chance of that high pressure thing I was hoping for, that would turn off the fog and pump in a little warmth.  Still, I would not be surprised to see Sunday ending up a touch bit clearer and warmer ahead of next week's big change.

Evenings sail near the wharf.

I should note there is a slight chance of showers in the north part of the state tonight and maybe a thunderstorm or two in the Sierra through Friday.  The airmass will also get a touch cooler, but we won't feel that much down here where the ocean moderates things.  On Monday, we will likely see clear conditions, with clouds developing late in the day, with showers likely north of the Golden Gate by evening.  Yup.  We talking rain.  Tuesday morning, we will likely see light showers here in Santa Cruz, with maybe some heavier rain over 17.  Rain increases slightly as you head north and east.  A decent band may drive into the west slope of the Sierra Nevada later int he day Tuesday.  Maybe a tenth of an inch here in town, with a half inch or more for the mountains.  That could be an easy six inches of fresh.

Today's GFS brings then next one up stream here on Saturday morning.  It is starting to look like a wetter, more energized system that could impact regions of the state through late Tuesday.  Been a while since we have seen a multi day storm.  We are still pretty much 10 days away on the heart of this one, so I will hold off on getting too excited.  But I am feeling confident we will be impacted in some manner by the system slated for the start of next week.  Colder at the very least.  Clouds and rain looking likely.  Clearing on Wednesday.  Something like that.  Check back.

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