Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rain Coming? Goodness, Yes.

Enjoy sunny Easter Sunday.  Could be a fine, fine day here in Santa Cruz, with perhaps some thin morning fog giving way to sunshine and upper 70s by afternoon.  Sounds good, don't it?  It will be the finest day of the week.  Now, don't get me wrong.  We are not looking at torrents to come.  No.  We don't have that sort of luck.  Still, it will be cooler, and with more inclement weather.  With a shot at a real nice one late in the week.  So, Monday will begin a touch cooler, with more fog, and then clouds as that clears.  It will still be warm, but quite a bit cooler than Sunday, topping out just about 70F.  Late overnight, showers will move in.  The morning commute is looking wet across the region, especially in the north bay.  It does look like rain will shift out of Santa Cruz, but will linger well through the day to our north and in the foothills.  The Sierra will get about half a foot of new snow along the crest.  Good thing the few resorts still open will be there.

A bird and a boat.

Down in Santa Cruz, I'm banking on a beautiful Tuesday evening with the passing rain.  Sun is coming in at a bit too high of an angle to make the sunset crazy good, but I'd put money on it being pretty nice.  Worth going out and taking a walk.  That is if the showers pass.  Should be cool on Tuesday with a high in the mid 60s.  Brr, right?  Snow clears out of Sierra by Wednesday morning with sun returning up there.   The real good news, besides getting a little more water in our creeks, is this system should knock that fog machine down.  Hump day is looking pretty brilliant.  Sunny and seventies.  Still will have that sea breeze, but hey, it's spring.  And here is your carrot.  Thursday and Friday have a chance of developing a little bubble upon us.  That would actually shut off the sea breeze.  It would be quite nice if that happened.  Don't hold your breath.  It is spring.

Storm door breaks open again mid day Friday, with another, wetter, bigger system diving down overnight.  We could see showers by morning, with moderate rain developing.  Could.  And there could be another storm behind it on Sunday.  Could.  Again, no torrents.  But some water.  Could be just what we need.  Could be.  More on this later.

Just wanted to note here that Wilder Ranch has its Planting Day scheduled for this coming Saturday.  If that rain does hold off, this is a super fun event for the little people in your life.  Hay rides, bubbles, farm animals, cottage tours and planting vegetable for a fall harvest is all great fun.  And free.  Westside Parent Education Nursery School will be there for their annual raffle and picnic.  Let's hope that rain holds off until afternoon and then water's this summer's garden.

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