Friday, April 4, 2014

The high is about to blow up.

So, I think I said I did not think we would actually get any rain from this storm.  I felt that way, right up until I woke up this morning (or rather, when I was woken up) at 6:30 this morning and looked outside and saw a huge grey cloud on top of us.  I mean, thick grey.  I slept though the rain last night, but the wet ground confirmed something had happened.  I think I also said sporadic showers if it did rain, and that is basically what we got.  Total accumulation will vary greatly, but town basically got about a tenth of an inch and Ben Lomond a quarter.  Actually not bad, as every drop counts.  As of April 1st, the Central Coast is still rated Exceptional.  That might drop to Extreme in parts once Tuesday's storm water is calculated in.  The northern Sierra and southern Cascade region has dropped from Extreme to Severe, and we will likely see the region of Severe increase in the north.  All good news, but Severe still sounds pretty severe.  And we don't have any additional water coming in wit this forecast.  Maybe it is not that bleak, but read on.

Wintery?  A bit.

Like I said, the bubble is gonna build up upon us.  Cool today.  Mild tomorrow.  Warm Sunday.  Might be hot is spots mid week.  Then it settles a bit.  And in case it matters to you, the skiing this past week was pretty much the best of the season.  Wintery snow will be sticking around up high, so you might want to go hit the slopes this weekend if you can.  There is still snow on the trees at Kirkwood on all but west and south (which there are few) aspects.  By Sunday, the warmth and sun will become too much and you can pretty much expect a springtime snowpack developed by the end of the day.  Overnight lows are about freezing and the sky clear, so it will be game on for corn harvest by Monday.   Nice to get the past week's worth of snow, and save a little spring skiing season for us.

Back home we can expect upper 60s on Saturday and low 70s Sunday.  Temps build through Wednesday.  I still think 80F is within the realm of reason.  Then, as a system falls apart to our north, we will get a little cooling Thursday.  Low 70s through next weekend.  I don't see rain making an appearance.   Not ready to say there is no chance, as moisture will be available nearby, meteorologically speaking, but it does not look like it will make inroads.  There still is a strong suggestion that by mid month a storm door could open, but that is still two weeks away.  So confidence low.  But it sure would be nice to get some more water.  Things are slightly improving, but we need more.  And I don't mind another round of powder in my life.

I'm back on the road this weekend, so I'll aim for a post on Monday.  Maybe something brief this weekend, but I won't look out past the next 6 days until I'm sitting some where warm.  In some respects, I guess I would not even need to get in the car.  Go out and enjoy this town this weekend.  Go hike to a waterfall.  Best they have been in three years I tell ya.

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